Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Have a Job

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2017

New Hampshire Public radio has a lengthy “report” about why former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. They quote players, experts, and none of them ever gets to the actual point of the problem. A situation that anyone who has every worn a uniform as part of their job ought to understand. You can’t just do […]

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Immigration Reform Benefits Politicians, It Harms Most Americans

by Don June 24, 2013

Lets be frank, our politicians are trying to force Comprehensive Immigration Reform down our throats because it benefits the politicians themselves even though it hurts most Americans. With 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans, we don’t need the low skilled, poorly educated immigrant workers who flood this labor pool driving down wages and taking jobs Americans desperately […]

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President Obama’s War on the Rich

by Don September 20, 2012

I was very pleased to read in Paul Bonneville’s letter of September 5 in the Laconia Daily Sun (and Sept 6 in The Citizen of Laconia) that he is doing better now than four years ago, so few people are doing better.  He talks about the stock market “recovery”, of course that only helps if […]

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Is President Obama a “ruthless, uncaring S.O.B.”?

by Don December 30, 2011

To the Editor: Henry Osmer objects to calling our President a “ruthless, uncaring s.o.b.”. I would not call him that, but I wonder about others. If my brother were a multi-millionaire but wouldn’t help me when I live in a hut on $20 per month, how caring might I consider my brother? If I had […]

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Really Getting it Straight on Right to Work

by Don July 6, 2011

RTW is not anti-Union, it does not force anyone to leave a union, it does not prevent anyone from joining a union, it does not stop workers from forming a union. However, RTW is pro-worker. It forces unions to provide services that workers value in order to get and keep members.

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