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Grok 3.0 – It’s almost time!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this and, finally, it’s almost here.  A lot of background work has been done by Perceptions Studio and yesterday was a massively long prototyping session as to how it will all fit together.  We think 

UPDATE: The GOOD thing is that because of all of you readers and contributors, we raised $3,000;   That struck out sentence is now wrong – it is now $4,000; a thousand dollars came in overnight!!!!  I can’t tell or express myself well enough to tell you how grateful this ordinary schlub from central NH is for all …

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Grok 2.0 – Still under Construction

Yeah, we’re up and then we’re down.  The ‘Grok has been getting hit from both hardware problems with balky disk drives and recalcitrant RAID controllers and some software issues from moving from our old blogging platform.  Dontcha just love Murphy’s Laws?? I think we need a healthy dose of boring for a while, but given …

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