Quote Of The Day: Warren On The Warpath

by Mike December 12, 2014

I would give a headline writer a sack of shiny beads if they used "Obama Circles Wagons Against Elizabeth Warren" — Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) December 11, 2014 More reasons to watch this woman VERY carefully – bucking Big Chief Sitting Bull____ when it’s expedient – painting herself as moderate and responsible. The GOP better have […]

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The Bracket We’d LIKE To See For Obama!

by Mike March 17, 2014

H/T David Limbaugh via Twitchy: (Click to enlarge)      

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Do You Have The President’s Back?
Tweeters Respond!

by Mike March 8, 2014

DCCC asked the stupid question: “Do you have the President’s back for 2014?” Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) and many others lit up Twitter in ridicule. H/T

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Maybe Obama Thought ‘1984’ Was A Manual?

by Mike December 21, 2013

More humor at the speed of Tweet from @SenRandPaul: I guess this (photo) is possible…. @MichelSeiki: Maybe he thought it was a manual… I’d add: We know for sure that Obama thinks some animals are more equal than others, IE his cronies vs We The People!

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Microsoft Exec to Reboot ObamaCare.Gov

by Mike December 18, 2013

Humor at the speed of Tweet…. @MarkKnoller reports: “HHS Secy Sebelius announces Kurt DelBene, former Pres of Microsoft Office Div., taking over as repair czar.” Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) comments: “Microsoft Exec to Replace Zients (which comes first: blue screen of death or the paper-clip?)” @CalebHowe responds in a flash with: “First screenshot leaked!”… Way […]

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Cancellations? Obamacare’s Got You Covered!

by Mike November 4, 2013
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Oh The Infamy And Ignominy: “BARRYcade” Makes The Urban Dictionary

by Mike October 6, 2013

We don’t have to make this stuff up, it only took a few minutes after the first stories of the WWII memorial being blocked before citizens dubbed the barriers “BarryCades”, and now, as reports, the term has entered the Urban Dictionary! 1. A barrier (usually temporary) that exists for no reason. 2. A barrier […]

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Shutdown Humor: National Weather Service Sends Coded Plea

by Mike October 5, 2013

One well known and old-fashioned method of encoding messages was the “Spartan Scytale Cipher“, whereby the coded message was revealed if a strip of seemingly jumbled letters was wrapped around the correct sized rod: In the modern day of computer documents, strange alignments can sometimes be revealed by adjusting the page width, and thus the […]

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Little Barry Gets No Respect! Call The Justice Brothers!

by Mike September 16, 2013
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Brad Thor Drops The Hammer On BarryO!

by Mike August 5, 2013

Quote Tweet Of The Day, courtesy For the record, @BarackObama – when you’re forced to close a record amount of embassies, your enemy isn’t “on the run,” you are. 6:43 AM – 5 Aug 2013

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Drudge Reports Departure Of The Gropemistress, Big Sis

by Mike July 12, 2013

BIG SIS: BYE Next president of University of California system… Triple salary…   H/T,       Image:

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Sarah Palin Pwns Obama With #sotUGottaBKiddingMe – Via Twitchy

by Mike February 13, 2013

Sarah Palin launched a hashtag specifically for the purpose of poking holes in Obama’s straw men this evening, and with #sotUGottaBKiddingMe, she absolutely pwned him. Special thanks to Michelle Malkin’s for aggregating Governor Palin’s comments – here they are: Obama: “There is much progress to report.” Oh really? Let’s see what the facts show… […]

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President Smug: Obama’s Gloating Gone Wrong

by Mike June 29, 2012

H/T Michelle Malkin’s When the court decision was handed down Thursday, the Obama camp wasted no time in gloating, but, unfortunately for them, the Twiterverse lit up with look-alike rebuttals – Tile 1 is the original, while the other eight are courtesy @Slublog Enjoy:

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