“Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes”

by Skip June 10, 2014

“Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes” – I have been saying that for months now, trying to impress upon the Establishment Republicans (aka, the “Republican Republicans for the sake of the Party” – RRFTSOTP) that simply running campaigns for the sake of winning is insufficient.  Rather, winning is merely a necessary pre-cursor – it is what […]

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Workforce Housing – Bob Ward: “YOU HAVE YOUR FUTURES! YOU HAVE YOUR AGENDA 21s!!!”

by Skip May 19, 2014

That would be Bob Ward, the SanborntonTown Planner screaming those words at NH State Rep Jane Cormier when the Planning Board held an “information session” on May 1st on six amendments that wound themselves making more of the town open for workforce housing.  It was obvious that actually educating folks as to what was really below […]

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Notable Quote – Bruce Montague

by Skip April 28, 2014

“Trust is a two way street. If your government does not trust you, how can you trust your government?” – Bruce Montague

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Voting a majority of the time with Senate Democrats doesn’t make you the “Anti-Shaheen”, Scott Brown!

by Skip April 2, 2014

Funny, I don’t remember Scott Brown saying this at our meeting:  “I was the most bipartisan senator in the United States Senate.” (Scott Brown on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 in a meeting with Republicans in Portsmouth, N.H.).  Remember these numbers: 22%, 46%, 62%. Shaheen votes 99% with the Democrats, Brown votes 62% of the time […]

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This is the definition of “Having one’s back”?

by Skip March 30, 2014

“Having one’s back” – the trust that one places in another that no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, the other guy will be steadfast, present, and loyal.  It’s that last term that seems to be such a nuthingburger in politics where if political speed of movement could be measured when the mud starts […]

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WMUR CloseUP – some thoughts

by Skip March 9, 2014

There’s almost always something just to make a comment about and this week is no different as the first segment had NH State Senator John Reagan, Josiah Bartlett Public Policy Center’s Exec. Dir. Charlie Arlinghouse, and Republican political operative Jim Merrill.  Each had something that evoked a quick comment. Reagan: Morse’s attempt was to extract […]

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“Second Class Citizens” – what, you expected something for little from Obamacare?

by Skip February 20, 2014

Supply and Demand.  Way back when Obamacare was starting to roll, I argued it was doomed for failure – there was no way to add 50 million more people at even lower prices (remember Obama’s $2,500 premium reductions under Obamacare?) and not upset the current level of care that the entire system provided at the […]

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Sunday talking head show Doodlings: That is only the prerequisite, sir!

by Skip February 16, 2014

“It is because the base no longer Trusts what happens after “winning” that this is an issue.” On This Week with “Mr.  wContraceptive in Presidential Debates” (that would be George Stephanopolous, Clinton’s Vonderkind, turned Democrat “journalist”) was this clip from NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Our party’s priority should be on winning. Not winning the argument.  […]

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An observation, a question, and THE answer. Like what I’ve been saying for a while.

by Skip February 10, 2014

Ron Christie at The Daily Beast has the observation: In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a widening rift between the Republican establishment and the Tea Party activists who swept John Boehner into the House Speaker seat and put Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell within striking distance of a majority to effectively cement President Obama’s […]

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I don’t know what (or who) to believe anymore

by Tom January 22, 2014

Ted Cruz.  Love what he says, loved his Senate filibuster, and love his recent voting record.  And I hate writing this story. But something is wrong with the picture.  And it feels eerily familiar. This story about Cruz and his wife has been out there for about 5 months but it got by me.  Fortunately, others […]

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“You’re picking my pocket and then you’re asking me for a handout”

by Skip December 26, 2013

“Why are the Republicans willing to “own” the perceptions that they hate the military?” This has reminded me of a post that I have, thus far, failed to post.  I will be rectifying that Real Soon Now (a “Pournellism”).  In the mean time, read this from a US Military veteran when asked for money in […]

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Meet The Press: “We have to reinstitute some trust in Government”

by Skip December 23, 2013

That is what former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on yesterday’s Meet The Press.  Really!  As if someone can just wave a magic wand and go “Poof, there it is”!  It seems like a number of the Ruling Class (and yes, being the Press Secretary does tend to make you a member with sterling […]

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Oh, one last thing from last nite – US Senator (R-NH) Al Baldasaro??

by Skip December 20, 2013

Maybe!  I didn’t get a lot of the speakers last night – hobbled by Nashua’s Mayor Donnalee Lozeau (R), there was no staging, podium, or lights (heck, no snow was supposed to be moved – hmm, it did look as if that snow moved itself).  Given the traffic and the parking, a number of the […]

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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – regular folks have a message for Scott Brown

by Skip December 20, 2013

I also learned one other thing last night – I realized how old my vidcam is given how fast the battery ran down in the cold – thus, the paucity of interviews from last night.  However, before it died, I did get the chance to ask a few folks two questions: What question would you […]

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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – a couple of thoughts

by Skip December 20, 2013

I learned a couple of things last night while at the rally: The folks that came out last night are fired up – they DO take politics personally because politicians have been making legislation more and more personal I think politicians on the Right are going to get caught by surprise at this – because […]

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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – NH State Reps JR Hoell and Dan Itse

by Skip December 20, 2013

Both of these gentlemen are Patriots by dint to their adherence to the values expressed by our Constitutions and what they see to be the Proper Role of Government – a limited one that allow the most individual Freedom and Liberty for people to live their lives the way that THEY want to (versus those […]

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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – The Patriot Pastor

by Skip December 20, 2013

Certainly someone who looms large over the Conservative / Liberty and Freedom movement here in NH is The Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear (at 6’8″, he literally does).  I am used to seeing him in his Colonial outfit but I noticed something this night that I had not seen before.  I keep mentioning him being a […]

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Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – DaTechGuy!

by Skip December 20, 2013

The next person that I spotted was kinda in camouflage – normally it is his trademark Fedora hat I see but he had hidden it, given the season, under a red and white Santa hat.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised to see this MA based blogger (head of the DaTechGuy site and […]

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MAYBE they ARE listening – Consistency

by Skip December 13, 2013

FINALLY – a “yay! in that the boat may be swinging about.  We’ve been pounding on NH Republicans and the NH GOP on the truism: Consistency + Trust = Votes (all other things being equal).  But first, you have to ACT Consistently, and talk Consistently, and if you can master that (it really isn’t all […]

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We are SO Thankful that Jennifer Horn is the NH GOP Chair!

by Skip November 27, 2013

Why? Because we just love that she is talking about GraniteGrok more often lately (like this past Saturday at a hilltop meeting) – and each and every time she does, we get new readers!  Best of all, they keep coming back.  Frankly, she’s one of our best salesmen (er, where have you heard that logic […]

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Merrimack County Republican Committee – My ‘discussion’ Part 4: “The Philosophies”

by Skip November 13, 2013

Reminder: “So, I help to elect Democrats, eh?” (thank you, Mark Sanborn).  To recap: WHY IS THE GOP / NH GOP IN TROUBLE? Let’s get to the Nitty Gritty of this “discussion”: There is a tremendous split in the Republican Party – and especially in the NH GOP. And for three extremely binary reason – […]

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A Party of Pastels – yeah, that will motivate the base (the cowards)

by Skip October 20, 2013

The conservative base is looking for STRONG candidates – those that know the issues, those that have actual stances of granite built on solid philosophy (instead of dingleberry type positions that flapped in every political wind / event that comes along), and those can inspire them that they will do what they say and keep […]

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Consistency and Trust – Will the Republican Party wake up?

by Skip October 10, 2013

Consistency yields Trust yields Votes.  Simple, eh?  While I’ve been saying this for a while as to the disaffection of voters for the Republican Party, it doesn’t seem to be getting traction.  That is, at least in Republican circles.  Rarely do I even hear this idea mentioned – only that “We have to win (even […]

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by Skip September 22, 2013

Showing the political cowardice and duplicity of DC Republicans when votes are easy but have all kinds of issues when the votes become very telling, very visible, and actually are compared to Principle by voters – and be very sure,  the Base is watching with microscopes.  Of course, these self-same pols are hating every micro-second […]

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Let’s not forget to toss in “National Debt Ceiling” and “defund Obamacare” into the mix

by Skip September 11, 2013

“The Tea Party has had it with Republican leaders, abandoning the GOP in stunning numbers at a time when mainstream leaders are arguing for immigration reform and support for an attack on Syria. A new Pew Research Center poll provided to Secrets on Wednesday found that just 27 percent of Republicans who agree with the […]

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EMail Doodlings – Political Consistency breeds Political Trust

by The Groksters August 26, 2013

The latter, Trust, unless built upon blind faith (another topic), is only possible if there is a proven history in word and deed of Consistency.  I’ve been writing about this symbiosis and dependence between these two ideas for a while and we had a bit (just a wee bit) of a back and forth on […]

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Notable Quote – Don Boudreax

by Skip July 21, 2013

So that said, I have a question for politicians of the stripe of Barbara Boxer and for pundits of the stripe of Paul Krugman: if arguments advanced by Mr. A justifiably fall under deep suspicion because Mr. A receives funding from some institution whose interest lies in widespread public acceptance of Mr. A‘s arguments, then […]

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by Rick Olson July 3, 2013

“Trust not too much to appearances.”   —Virgil Last week a House Representative named another House Rep as the one who read Tamerlan Tzarnaev’s name off the list during Bloomberg’s No More Names bus tour. Video evidence now establishes that assertion not to be true. I apologize to NH State Representative Mary Beth Walz for […]

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On Budgets, Uncivil NH Democrats, And How They Still Don’t Trust You With Your Own Money

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2013

On page A2 of the “Manchester Paper” there is a long write up about the nearly unanimous support for the new state budget.  If you read it with a discerning eye and ear, however, something becomes obvious.   While Republicans are quoted as happy with the results and view the budget as a responsible reflection of […]

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Data Point: And let’s not leave out Congress when we talk about Trust

by Skip June 15, 2013

  Lest I be accused to only be about picking on the Executive Branch, let’s swing over to the Legislative Branch – how much do we, the American Public, trust Congress?  Here’s a chart from Gallup – I’ll make it easy for you.  Just go to the last line. Combine that 10% approval with only […]

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