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Blogline of the Day – The Party of Misery is unhappy

by Skip January 8, 2018

Apparently, this is all bad news if you’re a member of the Democratic Party. The agenda of getting poorer together is getting upset by the Trump White House. (H/T: Townhall)

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I still don’t understand why this is a bad thing?

by Skip July 22, 2017

Jeh Johnson (former Obama Secretary of DHS) (emphasis mine, reformatted): Johnson argued on CNN’s “New Day” that Trump’s tone toward illegal immigrants has made those in Central America and Mexico afraid to enter the U.S., and the people would rather stay in their home countries instead of risking an illegal entrance. “Through his rhetoric, he scared off a lot of […]

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General Mike Flynn – The Deep State (along with Obama burrowers): subversion?

by Skip February 15, 2017

Much is being said about Trump’s NSA head, Mike Flynn, and the recent past, the politics within the WH, and now, some of what might be going on.  A bit of it is from this; If I am channel surfing and pass by Fox News, I’ll click back if Dr. Sebastian Gorka is on – I […]

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First the freeze – and now the sweep

by Skip January 26, 2017

President Trump signed an Executive Order / Memorandum earlier this week to freeze hiring across the Federal Govt except for the military (note – the VA exempted ITSELF from this?).  Now the broom has started its sweeping. All politically appointed ambassadors were told to submit their resignations on Inauguration Day.  Standard fare, but a start. […]

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