So he works simply to pay his Obamacare bill? A “Have” paying for the “Have-Nots”.

by Skip November 8, 2017

Stated another way, that’s $34,200 per year. UPDATE: I was at a meeting in Manchester and ran into a old friend of the ‘Grok and without prompting, he brought up that his Obamacare plan, bought on the exchange, is mirroring my aquaintance’s below: it has just from about $1,000/month for his family to over $2,000 / […]

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Data Point – 3rd quarter GDP 3.0% rise

by Skip October 27, 2017

This is on the heels of last quarter’s 3.1% rise – two quarters in a row of above 3.0% since 2014 under Obama (and that year turned in a measly 2.4% overall).  No, two points in a row does not yet make a trend but predictions were showing around 2.4-2.5% due to Harvey, Irma, and […]

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Build the Wall – the prototypes

by Skip October 23, 2017

I only wished that the drone had gone in closer but hey, it’s better than having to go there in person: (H/T: Daily Mail)

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Bias: Concord Monitor burying the lede on Trump’s action on Obamacare?

by Skip October 16, 2017

The headline over the weekend on a post about Obamacare: Trump’s blow to Obamacare jolts health consumers, politics President Donald Trump’s abrupt move to cut off federal payments to insurers jolted America’s health care and political worlds alike on Friday, threatening to boost premiums for millions, disrupt insurance markets and shove Republicans into a renewed […]

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Using tweet as cover, Trump is remaking the Judiciary?

by Skip October 14, 2017

Frankly, he’s doing better than any other modern era Republican.  Didn’t hurt that Dirty Harry (Reid) paved the way for the destruction of the Liberals hold on the judiciary.  Emphasis mine – and note that at the bottom of this quote: The media remains so caught up with the president’s tweets that it has missed […]

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NFL anthem protest poll good for Trump

by Steve MacDonald September 27, 2017

Not Suprised. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say NFL players should stand and be respectful during the playing of the national anthem, according to a survey released on Monday. A survey by Remington Research Group found that 64 percent of voters agree with President Trump and want players to stand for the anthem. The survey also found that […]

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To those that hate us in the world

by Skip September 23, 2017

(H/T: Lucianne)

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President Trump’s UN Speech – the transcript

by Skip September 19, 2017

I haven’t watched the speech yet but from reading the Rightosphere’s reaction to it, it seems to have been a doozy.  Then I came across this transcript and now my reaction is WOW – I can’t believe that finally someone said and hit all the right notes in front of all those tinpot and retrograde […]

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What (The Heck) Happened?

by Mike September 8, 2017

Apparently the donors aren’t the only people wishing Hillary would quit whining about the last election: These two gems are floating around the twitterverse:   The one on the right amused Trump so much that he couldn’t resist retweeting the image posted by Trumpism 5.0™. Poor Hillary! Perhaps she should just go for a walk […]

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Blogline of the Day – Really, is anyone really surprised The Dealer worked with the Dems?

by Skip September 7, 2017

… …It’s over. The election is finally over. Democrats finally have accepted the results. Trump saw this, and cashed in on Wednesday. He is playing the Democratic Party leadership against the Republican Party leadership that for nine months have blown him off. Indeed – what has the Congressional leadership done with Trump? Gorsuch and a […]

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You won’t like what comes after Trump, morons

by Skip August 24, 2017

Kurt Schlichter has a piece at Townhall that I thinks speaks to a lot of the Republican base, especially those from the TEA Party movement, on the GOPe (Establishment GOP and NeverTrumpers).  While he rails against mostly the latter (but plenty for the former), this caught my eye: …Oh yeah, we’ll repeal Obamacare. Oh yeah, […]

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Data Point: And we were told that 2% was to be the new normal

by Skip August 20, 2017

Atlanta Fed estimates U.S. third-quarter GDP growing at 4.0 percent NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. economy is on track to expand at a 4.0 percent annualized pace in the third quarter with inventory investment contributing 1.12 percentage points to growth, the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDP Now forecast model showed on Thursday. Last Friday, the government […]

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DACA finally gets its due?

by Skip August 19, 2017

DACA – the Obama self-declared law (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) was an Executive Order that basically violated the existing immigration Law duly passed by Congress.  It made a “safe space” from keeping kids, these DREAMERs, that were brought here illegally by their illegal immigrant parents free from being deported.  As I have said before, […]

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Nor do former US Senators get to decide

by Skip August 13, 2017

SHOT: (WMUR) former US Senator Gordon Humphrey (then R-NH) “I think the man, frankly, suffers from mental illness.  I think he is unfit to be President” Humphrey is calling for the president to be declared mentally incapacitated by a panel of doctors and stripped of his executive powers under the 25th Amendment. “I think the man, […]

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NH Poll: Kasich leads Trump among likely GOP primary voters? I don’t Think So…

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2017

So there’s a poll out putting John “everyman™” Kasich ahead of President Trump among “likely” Republican primary voters… Ohio Gov. John Kasich leads President Trump in a hypothetical New Hampshire Republican presidential primary matchup, according to a new poll. An American Research Group poll found that if the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary were held today, Kasich […]

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Definitely wasn’t thinking of that! Late one night at the White House in the near future:

by Skip August 7, 2017


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Data Point: Trump and the Dow

by Skip August 1, 2017

The Wall Street DOW index is not the end all / be all economic data points but it certainly is one that gets a lot of press and does show a decent idea of what investors are thinking will happen in the near future.  While much has been also said that with the Fed keeping […]

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NHPR Pushes Democrat Narrative in Story Claiming Conservative Media Covering for Trump

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2017

[Updated] NPR (NHPR) has some audio up this morning with a very amusing headline above it and an even funnier statement beneath. “Amid Russia Scandals, Conservative Media Provides Air Cover For President Trump.” NPR not only published this but made it laughable thanks to the copy they added below the audio player (emphasis mine). Many Americans […]

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Has the Lefty Media Lost

by Steve MacDonald July 15, 2017 is not exactly the blessing to truth and transparency it claims for itself. Few on the right trust it to which we may now add a few on the left, assuming the progressives don’t try and burn it to the ground for this. The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many […]

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Stephen Hawking: Trump Will Make Earth’s Temperature Like Venus

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2017
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Why am I not surprised at the GOP running dead last?

by Skip July 1, 2017

All we hear from the Dems and the Media how BAD Trump has been – then why does the general public rate Trump better?  Mostly because, all tweets aside, he is getting things done which is what he campaigned on and is doing.  He is keeping his campaign promises for the most part and the […]

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President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Not Welcome in Virginia and California – No Surprise

by Ed Naile June 30, 2017

Several states have decided to not cooperate with the Election Integrity Commission. California and Virginia are the first states to start this method of avoiding transparency. Of course, states that promote illegal voting are not going to willingly give their election data to people who can read and understand it. That would fly in the […]

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Breaking News: Supreme Court Revives Trump Travel Ban

by Steve MacDonald June 26, 2017

The Supreme Court has agreed unanimously to combine two challenges to the second Trump travel ban (EO-2) and hear the case. In the meantime, with one exception all injunctions against that Executive Order have (unanimously meaning 9-0) been lifted and it may now be enforced. We accordingly grant the Government’s stay applications in part and […]

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President Trump is Obama’s Legacy

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2017

There’s a great article from the New York Post linked here, that paints the evolving Democrat dilemma. For Republicans, luck can’t get much better. While Clinton and Pelosi were hardly innocent bystanders in the historic rout of Democrats at every level of government, the main culprit was Obama. It was Obamaism, more than Clintonism or […]

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Honest Liberal Law Professor Destroys CNN, Jeffrey Toobin

by Mike June 8, 2017

Dershowitz puts Constitution before Liberalism, says Trump within his rights to direct or fire Comey….. H/T, and the pull quote is: “If you and I were expert witnesses in an impeachment trial of President Trump, and we were asked the question, ‘has President Trump committed an obstruction of justice by pardoning Flynn or by […]

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GOP, you are STUPIDER than I thought if you think this is a reason why I’d vote for you

by Skip June 7, 2017

Ben Sasse On What The Republican Party Stands For: “I Don’t Know” I hate almost all of the MSM, as any long term ‘Grok reader knows, as over the years I have blogged about specific instances of MSM bias against presenting news stories straight up without insipid (or gratuitous condescension) commentary slapping around half their […]

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Climate Fund – Delivering on promises or a mark to be fleeced?

by Skip June 3, 2017

Like I said: Turns out BECAUSE the US generally lives up to accepted obligations, we ARE a mark to be fleeced and our wealth redistributed.  The sad part is that it was our past President that did it to his own people. Trump said it was “unfair” – methinks he is right just on money […]

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THE Paris Accord admission that Trump saved us from – all about Lilliputians roping down US industries

by Skip June 2, 2017

Emphasis mine: RENT-SEEKERS GOTTA SEEK RENTS: German carmakers fear losing competitive edge after U.S. Paris exit. “The regrettable announcement by the USA makes it inevitable that Europe must facilitate a cost efficient and economically feasible climate policy to remain internationally competitive,” Matthias Wissmann, president of the German auto industry lobby group VDA, said in a […]

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Establishment Lets Out Orange Boehner To Trash Trump

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2017

Remember John Boehner? John Boehner. That other Congressional House Speaker with the Republican majority who did next to nothing with it. If he had green hair and white eyebrows he could be the Speaker for the Oompah Loompas. That guy. He just said this about Mr. Trump, “Everything else he’s done in office has been a […]

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Data Point – the mainstream media IS the opposition

by Skip May 19, 2017

And their own coverage belie their words: Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy [Harvard University] analyzed coverage from Trump’s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets. They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports, significantly more hostile […]

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