Disqus Doodlings – Treehugger is so upset we buy clothes for ourselves….Part 2

by Skip April 10, 2018

And sometimes, one has to keep stating the obvious.  One of the commenters on Treehuggers’ H&M’s fast fashion is too slow for today’s shoppers post just had to wade in on the consumerist rage that these people show. I’d explain it but Chris Howard makes it abundantly clear how he feels about “shopping just because I can” […]

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Uh-oh, this is going to make the Treehuggers beserk!

by Skip February 13, 2018

Anti-car-ness is a constant theme over at Treehugger – rack’em and stack’em in a walkable city environment is their Utopia.  Need to move around? Walk, ride a bike, or public transportation – those are their only options for you.  I will also tell you that dissenting from that line will bring a host of comments […]

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DISQUS Doodlings – Why do Treehuggers hate modern muscle cars and Freedom? Part 1

by Skip January 28, 2018

Well, head honcho Lloyd at Treehugger is at his car-bashing ways again and this time it is all about the fire-breathing, gas-guzzling, earthquake sounding 840 HP Dodge Demon (above).  He simply hates them as do many of the other Treehuggers and they all sound positively Progressive as they all use that phrase, either directly or […]

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DISQUS Doodlings – WhadISay?

by Skip December 8, 2017

Yeah, Treehugger again.  I have NO idea what I said that would be an affront to these socialistic/communitarian (and let’s not forget that in every Socialist, there is a much worse Totalitarian yearning to get out – like in the movie Aliens) environmentalists. It seemed to be a hum-drum enough post (“Air pollution is hurting human […]

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DISQUS Doodlings – Treehugger believes we must bow down to “planners”

by Skip October 16, 2017

Ah yes, the technocratic Administrative State “experts” that get bewildered when we Normals blow them off? Once again, a sterling example of the wide divergence of opinion of Who Is In Charge from Treehugger – that bastion of Environmentalism crossed with Big Government: Eric Reguly on how self-driving cars will kill cities, not save them […]

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The Proper Role of Govt – we are to be “instructed”?? Treehugger says yes

by Skip March 7, 2017

OK, this has been hanging around in my “to do” list for a long time getting a bit moldy but it, once again, shows the proclivity of Treehugger to simply accept the mantra that Govt knows best – we should comply.  Add a touch of veganism (hey, it’s Treehugger) and you get this: …If the […]

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Disqus Doodlings – “…proving once again, environmentalist are the people of “you don’t and CAN’T have that” – Part 2

by Skip October 12, 2016

Recap: Treehugger’s Katherine Martinko had a hissy fit that people are misbehaving and not living up to her standards about eating meat.  She just can’t understand WHY we carnivores just won’t get the message and save the planet by going vegan (here’s a hint: PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals).  Yep, we’re the apex predator […]

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Doodlings – It’s so sad that we all don’t live up to the Treehugger denizens standard

by Skip September 7, 2016

Over at Treehugger is yet another post on the EVEEELS that pod coffee is for mother gaia (reformatted, emphasis mine): Data shows that, despite the environmental implications and high cost of single-use coffee pods, people continue to buy them more than ever before. They’re calling it “the Clooney effect.” Single-use coffee pods are flying off supermarket […]

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Communitarianism vs Free Market

by Skip December 20, 2015

Yes, once again I trekked over to Treehugger for a post that complained that IF Congress failed to renew the wind and solar tax credits, up to 100,000 jobs would be lost.  Well being the Free Marketeer that I am, I could not let that go and waded into the comments.  A couple of them […]

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Treehugger time – You proles don’t pay enough for your food!

by Skip January 14, 2015

Once again, you have been put on the Alter of GAIA and about to be sacrificed, you infidel of the Cult of Beef & Dairy.  Katherine Martinko over at TH has a post listing a couple of studies saying how bad the beef and dairy industries are for planet (yes, global warming.  Not again – […]

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Sustainable Communities Initiative – “we’re all in this together and you WILL love it!”

by Skip April 29, 2014

The nuance of this “WILL” is more of a command versus describing a level of future emotions to come.  Sustainable Communities Initiative – the Federal Government’s way (e.g. HUD, EPA, DOT) to federalize local zoning ordinances to result in their idea for a more “efficient” society (remember, Progressives are all about “efficient” societies – planned […]

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Blogosphere Doodlings – “It’s for the bicycles, man!”

by Skip March 31, 2014

Ah yes, back to TreeHugger.  They really are all about downshifting one’s standard of living to ensure that “Gaia” won’t be hurt from global warming global cooling climate change Mankind activities that would make us like Venus (or was that Neptune?) in temperature.  They also are all about Socialism (“we’re all in this together and […]

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by Skip February 5, 2014

Over at TreeHugger is a post where the authoress, Katherine Martinko, has decided that having a carbon footprint is not a sufficiently heavy hammer to use on the rest of us “unenlightened” to get us to change our ways (or have Government change our ways for us).  Nope, now she is adding another hammer: water […]

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TreeHugger has Quote of the Day too!

by Skip November 4, 2013

Rule #1, Rule #2, Rule #7, Rule #12, Rule #15.  Except I’m still banned – I tried to leave a comment, saw it was waiting for moderation, and just saw that it was delete.  Oh well, this is why I have the ‘Grok!  Emphasis mine with some reformatting: Quote of the day: Jack Diamond on […]

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A signature line denoting “I know better than you what you need”

by Skip September 12, 2013

Progressives – they are just so SMUG when they use one of the classic phrases that just screams “I an intellectually and morally superior than you – *I* will make the decision for you (moron, evil, uneducated, politically incorrect, or conservative) sub-human.  Here, take my hand and I will lead you to the Enlightened Utopia […]

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Doodlings – TreeHugger proves my point of my previous post

by Skip June 17, 2013

Update: Apologies to Leigh Webb for misspelling his name – posts are being corrected. That post is here – totalitarianism of the environmental movement. Yeah, I’m still banned over at TreeHugger (you can tell by its name, yes?).  I guess that I keep sinning – Strict Environmentalism heterodoxy cannot allow for any straying from the […]

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Where Treehugger doesn’t add the 1 + 1

by Skip May 1, 2013

(H/T: Treehugger) As most readers know, I used to go over Treehugger a lot and bring back “stuff” as a Doodling – rather easy when they have a big slant for Progressivism, Urbanism, and UberEnvironmentalism all wrapped up into a single package.  However, since they’ve been purging of the likes of ‘Grok commenters Cris P […]

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This will drive the Greenies at TreeHugger nuts!

by Skip December 19, 2012

Over at Breitbart is a post with this headline:     “Coal Use Set To Surpass Oil In  A Decade: IEA“.  I used to go over and post comments over at TreeHugger, as regular readers of the ‘Grok know, and bring the Lefty Enviro-wacko stream of consciousness back here just so that you see what the mindset […]

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