Married Filing Separately? ObamaCare Screws You Over Deliberately

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2014
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Democrats passed ObamaCare.  They fought for it for most of year, and have defended lied about it ever since.  And it is a smoldering, craptastic disaster.  This is a bill sold as a way to get coverage for the uninsured, but as with all things democrats do, it actually incentivize people to go without any […]

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Data Point – Do we need a bake sale for Dept of Defense?

by Skip September 8, 2013

Years ago, one of the Left’s favorite bumper sticker said that they would have achieved their goal when instead of schools having bake sales, the Department of Defense had to have one.  The idea was also summed up by the phrase “Make Love Not War”.  Now, education, peace, and love are nice things, important things […]

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Noteable Quote: Cicero on Handouts

by Scott Morales November 25, 2012

Gaius Gracchus proposed his grain law. It delighted the people for it provided an abundance of food free of toil.  The good men, by contrast, fought against it because they reckoned that the masses would be seduced from the ways of hard work and become slothful, and they saw that the treasury would be drained […]

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