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New Hampshire Has Porous Elections by Design

NH Vote Fraud at Martha's Motel Martha Fuller Clark home to out of state vote stealers

Click the image for access to scores of voter and elections fraud stories. You can also search this site for “voter fraud,” “vote fraud,” “elections,” or “Martha’s motel.”

NH Election law is so porous that a Regional Field Director for a Democrat campaign, who lives in Colorado, can vote in a New Hampshire election, using the campaign office in Manchester as “his domicile.” These vote-thieves are not alone and this happens in every election in NH, by design.  The NH AG demands it, the courts defend it, and the Democrat party, the architects, made it nearly impossible to police it, and they fight to protect our porous elections whenever someone tries to fix it.

Skip had some additional thoughts about the latest revelations here.  I have included the latest Project Veritas NH Election fraud video and transcript again, below. H/T to Ed Naile for the Transcript.

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Rush Limbaugh Mentions Me On The Air.

Rush LimbaughThis goes into the “Wow that’s kind of cool category.”  Today Rush Limbaugh mentioned me by name.  I didn’t hear it but Skip called me from the road, and he was pretty darn excited for me.

Rush was reporting on the Breitbart post that Warner Todd Huston put up linking to my GraniteGrok post about Democrat Cynthia Chase.  So I give all the credit for Warner.  Thanks for sharing.  I got a serious kick out of being mentioned on the most listened to radio show in America.

But I have to wonder, as people give me digital high-fives and attaboys, just how much street-cred does this give to Ms. Chase?  My earnest hope is that the weight of her remarks humbles her into reevaluating her worldview, but seeing as she is a New Hampshire Democrat the NHDP will probably give her an award and throw her a party for having Limbaugh call her out.

Such is the nature of the divide.   Accused of Legislative Tyranny –Way to go Progressive Girlfriend!

Meanwhile,  it is only January 4th.  I’ve been linked to on Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh has quoted me on the air.  Not a bad start to 2013.  (And I was just awarded AFP’s blogger of the month for December 2012).  I can’t say I expect the rest of the year to be more interesting but I’ll keep writing and sharing as I always do and whatever happens, happens.

(Transcript on the jump -MP3 available later today.)

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