Podcast: Townhall Review

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2018

Here’s another decent podcast for conservatarians to consider. Lots of audio from names you know on topics that matter. Kimberly Strassel, Dennis Prager, Larry Kudlow, Michael Medved and more. It’s 39 minutes loaded with a lot of information.

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Some Fun at Democrat Expense

by Steve MacDonald October 20, 2017

Kurt Schlichter has some fun at Democrat expense over at Here’s snippet. He then turned it over to 105-year-old Nancy Pelosi, who asked, “Where am I?” After [Chuck] Schumer whispered in her ear, she began: “With the economy booming, the stock market setting records, and America defeating ISIS, things have never been worse. That’s […]

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Cartoon – White House Tour

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2014
Thumbnail image for Cartoon – White House Tour


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See What Voting For The Lesser Evil Gets You….

by Mike April 15, 2014

An old warhawk who wants to restrict campaign speech (McCain-Feingold) From Townhall ‘PM’ Majority of Arizona Republicans: We Want John McCain Gone in 2016     By Katie Pavlich Yes, that’s a real majority, not a plurality – the orange column is about 65% !

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Notable Quote: Cicero on “Republicrats”

by Mike March 30, 2014

We frequently remark here upon the fecklessness of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) as they negotiate with, and occasionally vote with, Democrats, in a bipartisan effort to grow the Progressive State. Over at, Steve Deace describes a much more dangerous breed – the ‘Republicrat’: Republicrats are far more dangerous because they’ve learned how to […]

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Foreign Policy for $1000: What is a Bear Claw?

by Mike March 7, 2014

As Putin reaches out and ‘swipes’ Crimea from Ukraine, this cartoon by Bob Gorrell (original at takes on extra relevance.

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ICYMI: The Fall Of The Wall – 24 Years Ago

by Mike November 11, 2013

Seems most of the media was asleep this weekend, but I just saw a reminder that Saturday November 9th was the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As we discuss “Politiciens Sans Principes“, it is important to remember who was responsible for the pressure which brought about this momentous event without bloodshed. […]

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But Does It Cover ‘RINO-Plasty’??

by Mike November 7, 2013

ObamaCare may cover the removal of his Pinocchi-Nose, but does it cover the removal of an ugly blemish from the face of the Republican Party?!? With the NHGOP Senators voting to implement their not-quite-Medicaid-Expansion plan with Federal Dollars, this is, indeed, an urgent question.

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Chip Bok Translates Obama

by Mike October 31, 2013
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FOR WAR(D) With No Visible Means Of Support

by Mike September 6, 2013

Nate Beeler Skewers the inability of the Dear Leader to gain ANY support for HIS proposed war, unlike the Eevil ‘W’, who managed to put together effective coalitions for both Afghanistan and Iraq.

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We’ve Got A Lot Of Alterin’ And Abolishin’ To Do!

by Mike July 4, 2013

That quote from Herman Cain during his presidential run – it was a staple of his speeches regarding the need to reform our Leviathan government, and it always got wild applause Happy Birthday America, from London – I’ll be home tomorrow, and darned glad to be back!

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“Legal Gun Owners Against Stupid Gun-Grabbing Mayors”

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2013

Mike ‘Buckshot’ Bloomberg has an organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns which just spent 12 million dollars of his money on ads in thirteen states–to pressure US Senators to pass some Bloomberg-esque law or other.  But what we really got from these ads was a lesson in how little the folks involved know about safely handling […]

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Cartoon Of The Day – Organizing For Access

by Mike February 28, 2013

First, there was the trouble Obama’s campaign staff were having with their rebranding effort, then there were the reports that the new incarnation of Obama For America/ Organizing For America/ Organizing For Action is in fact more like “Organizing For Access”, with $500k getting you quarterly meetings with his highness, and more. Add in the […]

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What Obama REALLY Did on Sept 11th – Cartoon Of The Day

by Mike February 15, 2013

Fiddling while Benghazi burned – Sums it up nicely!

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Cartoon Of The Day: Boomstick Control

by Mike January 29, 2013

Knowledge never matters – Statists are always convinced that their ideas will work!

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Cartoon of the Day – Ryan and the Cheshire Prat

by Mike October 15, 2012

Once again the wisdom of Clint Eastwood is apparent: “Joe Biden is the intellect of the Democrat Party – A grin with a body behind it…” (or not..):

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Cartoon(s) Of The Day – VP Debate Edition

by Mike October 11, 2012

No debate would be complete without a little humor 🙂 H/T

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Cartoon Of The Day: Not The Scandal You’re Looking For

by Mike October 3, 2012
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Topical Cartoon – The Men In Red Can’t Erase Voters’ Memories

by Mike May 30, 2012

Oh, and even Will Smith would be a better president!

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