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Headless Hagel Cartoon Collection

by Mike November 25, 2014

(Click-expand small cartoons)       See also “Sad-Sacked“

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Poking Fun At The Emperor’s New Moves
(While We Can)

by Mike November 21, 2014

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Obamaween Scare Stories (Not For Kiddies)

by Mike October 21, 2014

Images from Townhall Cartoons, by: Nate Beeler Glenn McCoy Jerry Holbert Dana Summers Gary Varvel

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Thinking Of Minimum Wage……

by Mike March 12, 2014

Let’s Freeze, Personalize, Polarize, and Ridicule:Hey Terie – Here’s an economics lesson in pictures for the mathematically challenged!

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Look Out Below! Democrat Liars Of A Feather

by Mike March 10, 2014
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Taxpayer Overcharged Again? Fisker’s Default Of $168M Mostly Written Off

by Mike September 20, 2013

Troubled carmaker, Fisker, closed down last year, having consumed $192M of an available $529M taxpayer-funded loan from the DoE. The DoE did try to sell off its supposed “assets”, but as of this week, have decided to auction off the remnants of the company for anything they can get – likely to be a miserable […]

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Little Barry Gets No Respect! Call The Justice Brothers!

by Mike September 16, 2013
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Executive Branch Chainsaw Constitution Massacre

by Mike August 23, 2013

Roving Englishman blogs from afar today, in between attending a wedding, and various other family visits…… Cheers!

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Whistling Past The Graveyard – Obama’s “Phony Scandals”

by Mike July 28, 2013

  Meanwhile, over at Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’ “Americans are smarter than the lamestream media give them credit,” Palin said, noting regular Americans are figuring out the “hypocrisies” and “lies” coming from the Obama administration by doing their own homework.

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Palin Unimpressed By Ayotte’s Flip-Flop On Immigration – Suggests Primary Challenge

by Mike June 28, 2013

Three years ago, Sarah Palin backed Ayotte in the Senate primary, splitting the Tea Party vote in the primary, helping her beat Ovide LaMontagne, and go on to become Senator. Even called Kelly a “Granite Grizzly” for her strong words of commonsense regarding immigration and other conservative hot buttons. What a difference a couple of […]

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Cartoon Of The Day: Peeping Bam!

by Mike June 10, 2013
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Cartoon Of The Day – But When Will They Come For Obama?

by Mike May 19, 2013

It is clear that the people, even some Democrats, hate Obama’s creations – ObamaCare, the out of control IRS, DHS, EPA, and more, and some are clamoring for accountability, but so far, few are calling for Obama’s head. What will it take before the people demand accountability at the top? His creations are threatening our […]

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Cartoons Of The Day – Sequestration Edition

by Mike February 22, 2013

Obama doesn’t take spending cuts seriously, so let’s join in the fun….

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It’s Time To Flip This Bird (Cartoons of the Day)

by Mike October 14, 2012

Nero Fiddled while Rome burned. BarryO cuddles Big Bird while our Republic burns. People are beginning to notice that his priorities are not our priorities. Too many cartoons to show, but here are some of the best (added comments mine):

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