Quote of the morning

by Susan Olsen May 24, 2016

“With progressive causes, the goal is not the goal. The coercive means of achieving the goal is the goal. ” H/T Ol Remus  

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“Corrupt. Ruinous. Unstable”

by Susan Olsen May 27, 2015

“Cooperative” federalism is supposed to come from Congress and federal statutes. However, practically nothing comes from Congress these days. The legislature is notoriously divided. It lacks the financial resources to rope recalcitrant states in new federalism bargains (witness the ACA), and it cannot even revisit the bargains embedded in old statutes (such as education programs or the […]

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Pretty well sums it up…

by Susan Olsen January 11, 2014
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Ignoring Threats Invites Aggression and Raises the Death Toll

by Don December 12, 2012

Without warning, Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor seventy-one years ago.  Because of this sneak attack, President Roosevelt said that December 7, 1941 would be remembered as a “day of infamy”.      December 7th revealed our naivety and our lack of preparedness that unnecessarily caused many tens of thousands of American war […]

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No Debt Ceiling Increase without Cut, Cap, and Balance

by Don July 26, 2011

Neither President Obama nor Speaker Boehner tell the full debt story. They try to scare us by saying that if the debt ceiling is not raised, our credit rating might be lowered. But President Obama’s plans to increase our debt by at least $1 trillion annually for the foreseeable future is a bigger and definite threat to our credit rating. Our already significant interest payments won’t be affordable. China and credit rating companies warn us that we are creating too much debt. It is just a matter of time before our huge, growing debt to cause our credit rating to fall.

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