The Proper Role of Government

It’s what the Left does – normalize what used to be taboo to accept their even worse

by Skip June 14, 2018

Comparisons, comparisons.  First, go back and read this.  Remember, the media ‘fessed up to “normalizing” homosexuality. Now this:  Bernie Sanders Says Liberals Are Turning the “Radical” into the “Mainstream.” And now this:  Drag queen superheroes show — ‘Super Drags’ — coming to Netflix: ‘They’re going to save the world’ So, normalizing Socialism and Communism.  Now add to […]

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Why I vote the way I do

by Op-Ed February 15, 2018

By Norm Silber As a member of the New Hampshire House of Representative and Chair of the Town of Gilford Budget Committee, I am sometimes asked for justification or criticized for my position and votes on various issues before the NH House, the Belknap County Delegation, and the Gilford Budget Committee. Imitation being the sincerest […]

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Tales from the BudComm: we don’t need no stinkin’ private sector

by Skip December 3, 2017

Cemeteries.  Usually a very small part of any town or city’s budget but it is there.  It seems that every town has at least one within its boundaries; mine, due to historical reasons, has a bunch of them.  Many of them were old family plots started well over a hundred years ago and over time, […]

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A simple question for thought and response

by Skip December 2, 2017

I was at a meeting last week in Manchester and on the wall where we were meeting was this simple question: What if Government didn’t do it? In other words, what if Government had never taken up to do a certain task (or set of them)?  I’d be interested to see what you think. Then […]

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Catching up Part 2 – Hey, trust Govt because it does SO much for us!

by Skip October 22, 2017

Back on Jan 7, Katharine Gregg wrote an Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor that showed that she has definitely forgotten how trust works. That it takes a long time to build up trust and it has to be consistent in order to maintain it. What Trust? She wants us to “try to trust government again.” […]

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Speaker of the NH House Shawn Jassper makes it clear that Free State Project is not his cup of TEA

by Skip October 4, 2017

Former NH Speaker Gene Chandler: “Anyone with an ‘R‘ after their name is a good Republican” I disagree with that statement (especially those that support the Democrat agenda more than the Republican one). But then again, while Jasper is making it clear that he hates the Free State Project, he also made it clear that the […]

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Our Federal politicians never think that the money they spend isn’t theirs’

by Skip September 6, 2017

SHOT: House Overwhelmingly Passes $7.9 Billion Harvey Aid Package By a 419-3 vote, the House of Representatives passed an initial $7.9 billion aid package to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. The bill is now on its way to the Senate — where some have said an increase to the nation’s debt ceiling […]

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Blogline of Day – the stereotype is reinforced every time the Progressives open their mouths

by Skip July 16, 2017

And summed up perfectly by this: If you want to know what smug liberal superiority and self-righteousness is all about, this is the piece for you. That would be a piece in Pravda on the Merrimac by Rep. Mary Jane Wallner and Sen. Dan Feltes – both Progressive Democrats – which basically tells the rest of us […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip July 1, 2017

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the […]

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“NOW You’re Worried About Executive Power? “

by Skip April 11, 2017

“Recently, many left-leaning people have become (randomly) concerned about reigning in executive power, a mass event not seen since the beginning years of the Bush presidency. This concern manifests itself in suddenly questioning the ability of the president to unilaterally order military action, including drone strikes, air strikes, special forces, etc. It also comes across […]

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But Timothy Horrigan ABSOLUTELY embraces this

by Skip March 19, 2017

– passing off your PERSONAL responsibility to help and outsource it to Government instead. And with this bit of virtue-signaling, feeling superior to everyone else. There’s no way that Timothy would do, as a FINE upstanding Socialist Progressive, as the real Good Samaritan – dig into his own pocket.  It’s too easy to put that […]

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The Proper Role of Govt – we are to be “instructed”?? Treehugger says yes

by Skip March 7, 2017

OK, this has been hanging around in my “to do” list for a long time getting a bit moldy but it, once again, shows the proclivity of Treehugger to simply accept the mantra that Govt knows best – we should comply.  Add a touch of veganism (hey, it’s Treehugger) and you get this: …If the […]

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Blogline of the Day – Restating “the Proper Role of Government”

by Skip February 4, 2017

Great line from a post that RedState re-posted: These amendments would underscore that the federal government is one of limited and enumerated powers, and that those powers are islands in a sea of rights — rather than rights being islands in a sea of generalized federal power. We who are Liberty minded believe that it […]

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Notable Quote – Joey Clark

by Skip February 4, 2017

My answer is NO. …Some buy into the narratives proffered by Trump; others are already calling themselves the resistance to our new fair-haired, orange president. Political factions are giving a new perverse meaning to the phrase, “seek, and ye shall find.” It’s sickening. Despite the freedom to believe and say what they wish, millions of […]

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Progressivism – born of a foreign political ideology

by Skip September 5, 2016

So when Progressives talk “improving” America and American Society, ask them: Forward / progressing to WHAT (as in “what IS you end goal and does that square with our Consitution”)? Why do they rejoice in a foreign political ideology and reject our American one? Here’s a good post from the Daily Signal on one piece […]

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How times have changed….and the positions reversed

by Skip June 1, 2016

“…whereas Whigs insisted that regulating morality was a proper function of government, Democrats warned that government intrusion into areas of private choice would violate republican liberties.” Now, they fully embrace a Socialist outlook on the proper role of government in which it determines the parameters in which we MUST live our lives.  How Whiggish of […]

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Data Point – Living Standards: US vs the world

by Skip April 6, 2016

So why is it that our Leftist Political Class always wants us to be like other (more socialist) countries?  Dan Mitchell has the numbers: “And here are the most recent numbers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, showing “average individual consumption” for various member nations of that international bureaucracy.  The average for all […]

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Mark Levin: What are the three most important responsibilities of the Federal Government?

by Skip April 4, 2016

Mark Levin makes it clear: Here are the top things for The Proper Role of Government: Ask yourself – does it seem that this Administration fulfills them in proper priority? (H/T:

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Notable Quote – The nature of Coercion

by Skip January 16, 2016

Moreover, physical force in a man’s hand is an instrument of such brutal character that its very nature destroys or excludes the kindlier or better qualities of human nature. The man who compels his neighbor is not the man who reasons with and convinces him, who seeks to influence him by example, who rouses him […]

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Jeb! Bush – sounding like the Dems on college affordability

by Skip January 16, 2016

“If you are elected president, how will you make a college education more affordable?” The Concord Monitor had a piece “Where do the presidential candidates stand on college affordability?” that outlines some of the Prez Wannabees positions on that subject.  Frankly, I disagree with the question; why is it the proper role of Government of […]

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When Government stops supporting winners, they oft become the losers

by Skip November 1, 2015

The losers that the private marketplace already judged them to be from the get-go.  Obama famously said he’d put a million electric cars on the road – he hasn’t.  But is that the purview of Government or even being the President, to decree to citizens what kinds of cars (and the energy they use) out […]

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Just thought I’d say it

by Skip November 1, 2015

The reverberations of last week’s GOP Debate and the utter disdain that the CNBC “moderators” (aka, Democrat Socialists with bylines) held towards the candidates have not yet echoed out.  But this from one of the “lions” of the Journalist Class, Carl Bernstein of Watergate investigative reporting fame, said this that caught my eye, even as he […]

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Abortion and the Socialist

by Skip September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Socialist Democrat, spoke at Liberty University today (the largest evangelical private university in the US).  I have to give him a bit of cred, given that he went to a place where Democrats or Socialists don’t ordinarily go.  I’m not going post up all of his talk but I will concerning this from […]

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“…Greatest sins a government…”

by Skip August 16, 2015

“Burn this into your cerebral cortex: The two greatest sins a government can impose on its citizens are to 1) provide for them, because it destroys their souls by creating dependency instead of self-reliance, and 2) take the sweat, hard work and equity of one man and give it to another (e.g., spread the wealth […]

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Sorry Ian Underwood – SCOTUS just declared that words no longer have meanings

by Skip June 25, 2015

ScotusCare: The Judge has a few choice words. Ambiguous.  Steve put up one of Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s words of dissent from today’s King vs Burwell decision – I agree.  Former judge Napolitano, a strict Constitutionalist who, due to his attitude and oratory is a favorite speaker on the conservative trail (I have heard him […]

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Concord Monitor drops their curtain: whose money is it really?

by Skip April 16, 2015

Yes, yesterday was Tax Day – the day that Progressives celebrate as the epitome of their philosophy of “it’s ours, stupid” (and give thanks to its sub-holiday, the  Current Tax Payment Act of 1943 which allowed the Feds to automatically take your money).  Your money?  The Feds’ money?  So, the Concord Monitor; where do YOU think it stands […]

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The Collective vs The Individual – Vaccination and….seatbelts?

by Skip February 18, 2015

Another Sunday talking head show snippit from Meet The Press back on 2/8.  The topic in that round table was that of vaccines – is it up to the Individual, the parents, that get to decide for their children whether or not to get vaccinations?  Or is it something that Government decides, period?  At what […]

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The Proper Role of Government – for who?

by Skip February 18, 2015

I generally watch the Sunday talking head shows – it’s a good bet that someone will say something either stupid, controversial, or revealing.  This from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said the following back on the 1/11 This Week (yeah, forgot about this one) concerning Elizabeth Warren and whether she would be the Democrat’s Progressives Prez […]

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Of course Julia Griffin loves this program – who wouldn’t when other people are paying for it??

by Skip February 9, 2015

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And yes, when Government legislates that YOU will give to SOMEONE ELSE your money, of course they’ll be happy!  But is it FAIR that a few benefit from the many?   Instead of paying for something themselves?  Why should Government be creating […]

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Trust – and Progressives lament that people won’t Trust Big Govt. Yet Another Example why

by Skip October 6, 2014

From Bearing Arms, this story of how Govt uses its Power to Crush on a person that simply knew the Law – and they didn’t: Bullies have certain personality traits. Most are very insecure. They like to prey upon those that they feel are weaker than they are. They have long memories and thin skins, […]

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