The Proper Role of Government

Abortion and the Socialist

by Skip September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Socialist Democrat, spoke at Liberty University today (the largest evangelical private university in the US).  I have to give him a bit of cred, given that he went to a place where Democrats or Socialists don’t ordinarily go.  I’m not going post up all of his talk but I will concerning this from […]

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“…Greatest sins a government…”

by Skip August 16, 2015

“Burn this into your cerebral cortex: The two greatest sins a government can impose on its citizens are to 1) provide for them, because it destroys their souls by creating dependency instead of self-reliance, and 2) take the sweat, hard work and equity of one man and give it to another (e.g., spread the wealth […]

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Sorry Ian Underwood – SCOTUS just declared that words no longer have meanings

by Skip June 25, 2015

ScotusCare: The Judge has a few choice words. Ambiguous.  Steve put up one of Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s words of dissent from today’s King vs Burwell decision – I agree.  Former judge Napolitano, a strict Constitutionalist who, due to his attitude and oratory is a favorite speaker on the conservative trail (I have heard him […]

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Concord Monitor drops their curtain: whose money is it really?

by Skip April 16, 2015

Yes, yesterday was Tax Day – the day that Progressives celebrate as the epitome of their philosophy of “it’s ours, stupid” (and give thanks to its sub-holiday, the  Current Tax Payment Act of 1943 which allowed the Feds to automatically take your money).  Your money?  The Feds’ money?  So, the Concord Monitor; where do YOU think it stands […]

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The Collective vs The Individual – Vaccination and….seatbelts?

by Skip February 18, 2015

Another Sunday talking head show snippit from Meet The Press back on 2/8.  The topic in that round table was that of vaccines – is it up to the Individual, the parents, that get to decide for their children whether or not to get vaccinations?  Or is it something that Government decides, period?  At what […]

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The Proper Role of Government – for who?

by Skip February 18, 2015

I generally watch the Sunday talking head shows – it’s a good bet that someone will say something either stupid, controversial, or revealing.  This from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said the following back on the 1/11 This Week (yeah, forgot about this one) concerning Elizabeth Warren and whether she would be the Democrat’s Progressives Prez […]

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Of course Julia Griffin loves this program – who wouldn’t when other people are paying for it??

by Skip February 9, 2015

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And yes, when Government legislates that YOU will give to SOMEONE ELSE your money, of course they’ll be happy!  But is it FAIR that a few benefit from the many?   Instead of paying for something themselves?  Why should Government be creating […]

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Trust – and Progressives lament that people won’t Trust Big Govt. Yet Another Example why

by Skip October 6, 2014

From Bearing Arms, this story of how Govt uses its Power to Crush on a person that simply knew the Law – and they didn’t: Bullies have certain personality traits. Most are very insecure. They like to prey upon those that they feel are weaker than they are. They have long memories and thin skins, […]

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Part 2: Where my friend gets a Bible quote wrong: Suffer the little children to come

by Skip August 4, 2014

Well, there’s more from my friend (and indeed, he is exactly that) concerning Christian compassion, the illegal kid invasion, and Government “caring” and Suffer the little children quote from Matthew 19  (emphasis mine): yeah – we’re gonna agree to disagree on this.  Either feed’m and send them home, or feed’m and send them to their relatives.  […]

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Notable Quote – Kevin Williamson

by Skip July 29, 2014

The founding ideal of this republic is that we are the who and government is the whom, a necessary evil that is to some degree necessarily evil. On the right scale and in its proper place, that necessary evil is bearable. But when it oversteps, we are under no obligation to bear it — in […]

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Notable Quote – Calvin Coolidge on the Proper Role of Government

by Skip July 14, 2014

I was in a Facebook discussion a couple of days ago when I was asked which one of the Presidents was one of my favorites – it is “Silent Cal” (emphasis mine): Under this weight [of ever larger government] the former accuracy of administration breaks down.  The government has not at its disposal a supply […]

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The poor

by Skip March 9, 2014

From Meet the Press with David Gregory was this exchange concerning a slight from a hard Left Democrat and a hard Right Democrat over the poor.  It was clear that the Democrat has a “sniffling” attitude that perpetuates the meme that Conservatives (and Republicans) hate the poor in a backhand slap against the just ended […]

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But should it BE that way? Is it too late to change it?

by Skip March 9, 2014

From This Week With George Stephanopolous about Obama’s latest unilateral Unitary President proclamation changing Obamacare saying that if you have a plan you can now keep it for another two years Sidenote: (to be repeated as often as the MSM brings up old news as well) You know, Bill Clinton’s wonderkid who now masquerades as […]

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“Government should act like my assistant, not my boss.”

by Skip February 4, 2014

This is just as valid now as when I first stumbled across it back on 5/26/2011; the money graph (emphasis mine): “I ask him what, precisely, he thinks is the proper role of government as it relates to business. “Invisible,” he says. “I know there are things the government has to do. But they need […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip January 14, 2014

Our society has flipped from a culture that defined government to a culture that responds to government.   This is not liberty.  It is not a constitutional republic.  It is a cultural despotism enforced by dependent-mobs of state-manufactured mercenaries. – Steve Mac Donald, editor / blogger at GraniteGrok (emphasis mine)

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Once again, the push to make companies simply another part of Progressive Government

by Skip December 2, 2013

As I said here, Obamacare is the Progressive capstone to force otherwise Free people to take care of others – not out of kindness but out of fear.  Progressives, being the incremental socialists they are, previously have pretty much co-opted what used to be genuinely charitable organizations (now called ‘social services organizations who pretty much  […]

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An Object Lesson in the Right to Private Property: The Pink House

by Skip November 30, 2013

There is an old Victorian house in the next town over – it and the plot of land on which it sits was purchased by a Dunkin Donuts franchisee a few years ago.  They really didn’t want the building, just the land located in what I call “Fast Food Alley” where a number of restaurants […]

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Notable Quote – Jonah Goldberg

by Skip November 8, 2013

The difference, however, is that conservatives tend to see government as a necessary evil, and therefore see policymaking with some humility. Liberals tend to see government as a necessary good, and see ordering people to do things “for their own good” as a source of pride, even hubris. From a conservative perspective, telling people how […]

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The Realities of DemocratCare…. or ‘They Don’t Call us “The Right!” For Nothing.’ Part XVII – Now, it gets Personal

by Skip November 7, 2013

I AM one of the 93 million employer insured employees that Obamacare has come for now that it has all but killed off the private insurance marketplace – something that absolutely delights folks like NH Congressmen Annie Custer, Carol Shea-Porter, and NH’s US Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  They want as little capitalism left as possible: Shaheen […]

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“FCC: Lifeline Program Fraud and Abuse Surpasses Two Million Subscribers “

by Skip November 5, 2013

I wrote back in 2009 about the Lifeline (aka Obamaphones): Once again, we see that the line at what Big Government defines as the “needs” of those needing “welfare” always seems to go ever upward over time (in addition to what the definition of what “poor” is). I saw an ad on TV the other […]

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Blogline of the Day – Democrat Progressivism is about OBEDIENCE, not Freedom

by Skip October 30, 2013

“The essence of modern Democratic progressivism is: “You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” – Daniel Henniger, WSJ Doubt me?  Just review Steve’s post on Laura Pantelakos: “I Don’t Care About Protecting People’s Liberty“!  Good to know – it will now add to my […]

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Guest post by Howie Howe: Our land, not the Government’s. Not to rule but to serve

by Skip October 7, 2013

Government seems to have forgotten that they exist at the will of the people, not to rule over them, but to serve them in the needs of society, organization, stability, and public safety. Recently, due to the total failure of of our two party system to work cooperatively, to negotiate and compromise in the best […]

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Speaking of the EPA – Forcing Pennsylvania to downsize

by Skip October 7, 2013

Really!  With their new coal industry killing regulations, and that PA’s electrical generation is heavily skewed to coal,well, the obvious is about to happen. From Junk Science (“Pennsylvania prepares to downsize economy rather than build more power plants“), we see that (with all due respect to Mary Poppins)  “money will make the crap go down, […]

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Data Point – Americans believe Government has too much power

by Skip September 24, 2013

The most Americans who think their Government has become too powerful – EVAH!  When the People have realized that Government has inserted itself into every nook and cranny of their lives, either controlling them by law and regulation or spying on them to the point of feeling that the Land of the Free has become […]

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Government on Deck: a redefinition of “imminent danger”

by Skip September 20, 2013

All states have some version of NH’s DCYF – Division of Children, Youth, and Family – that services families in need or “at risk” (including “Child Protective Services”).  Many do good work – and some do not.  Including the one that decided that a family, who allowed their 11 year old son in NJ to […]

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Remember, this is the goal for Progressives

by Skip August 29, 2013

For those  people who keep thinking “we live in a Free country”, here is yet another sign from the Progressives now running our Federal Government that they believe that the Constitution (ok, just by their Official Position in Government) allows them the notion that they should tell us what is good or bad behavior.  No, […]

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EMail Doodlings – The Nature of Man and Govt

by The Groksters August 26, 2013

We Groksters blog – a lot.  What most of you readers never see is that we have rip roaring discussions behind the curtain as well.  There can be days when we share no emails at all and then some days, a torrent ranging to a tropical downpour.  Sometimes, entertaining as we pull no punches.  We […]

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How is the Obama Benghazi scandal like the Obama IRS scandal?

by Skip August 6, 2013

Always remember: The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen (H/T: Robert)

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At least he’s honest about it – to him, it IS the Government’s money

by Skip August 4, 2013

Obama: “I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody“ One’s wealth is a measure of one’s labor (effort, motiviation, and skill) and time – the “price” society attaches to you economically (but not to your worth as a person – different measure).  Which brings up the great Libertarian question: who […]

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Notable Quote – Peter Greer

by Skip August 2, 2013

A longish quote from Forbes on “Your Help Is Hurting: How Church Foreign Aid Programs Make Things Worse“: When you try to help, you try to give things, you start to have the consequences. There’s an author Bob Lupton, who really nails it when he says that when he gave something the first time, there […]

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