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Op-Ed: Civil War

Sent in by a loyal reader, emphasis mine. A few days ago Jack Minzey, head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which were on the topic of Education and the Government role therein, sent out the final chapter that was the last of …

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Notable Quote – David Cole

“The bullies never go after people they can’t break, because to do so would make them look weak and impotent.” On the outlook and actions of the Left: But in the real world, there are times when one simply should not beg. And you’ll know those times by the character of your foe. If you’re …

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If You Are Not Following Me On Twitter….

Twitter inspires the opportunity to aggravate the leftists who insist on following conservatives there. Not every witticism will fit on Twitter. Sometimes you have to write a blog and post a link. And then there are the thoughts that are too short to blog and too long to tweet. (Some things can’t be said in under 140 characters.)