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John Wayne on Liberals

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2013
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I grabbed this from the Blaze.  I found it very…interesting. This is audio of John Wayne talking about liberals.  He talks about how they treat people who disagree with them, all kinds of things. What is interesting is that he could be saying this today, about the Democrats who run and are in the party […]

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Ronald Bailey On ‘The Fracking Truth’

by Mike July 12, 2013

Stu Burguiere of interviews Ronald Bailey, Science Editor of the libertarian Reason Foundation (, on the ‘Hot Topic’ of Fracking, especially in light of Josh Foxx releasing his second ‘Crockumentary’, ‘Gasland 2‘. I like Bailey, as he offers an excellent counterpoint to establishment misinformation on science. Bailey has just published ‘The Top 5 Lies […]

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And His Face, At First Just Ghostly, Turned A Whiter Shade Of Pale: Barack Obama and The Protocol Harlem

by Mike June 7, 2013

We all know Barack Obama attended Columbia University: It must be true because his biographies told us so, and it’s where he hung out with Pakistani revolutionaries and his composite girlfriend. So, Wayne Allen Root, who graduated from Columbia in the same class as Obama, thought it might be fun while attending his 30th reunion […]

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I’m a Target, You’re a Target, Your Kid’s a Target!!

by Mike February 24, 2013
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A story that’s been brewing this week, and got hot enough that the vendor involved pulled their images and descriptions from the web, involves training law enforcement and federal officers not to hesitate before shooting – YOU! And the government wonders why we cling to our guns, even as they stockpile bullets by the billion, […]

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No-Skeet-O: Erin Burnett Zings The Chief

by Mike January 30, 2013

Recently, CNN host Erin Burnett angered the leftists in the media by daring to challenge the veracity of “I shoot skeets all the time” Obama. Seems like nobody really believes his sudden conversion to shooting sports! H/T The Blaze: (NoSquito is a lure to draw annoying pests toward the zapper – Wonder if it works […]

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