Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day – really, a “Day of Generation Passing”

by Skip November 29, 2014

TMEW and I are no longer spring chickens, I guess.  I think we knew this, innately, but really haven’t wanted to face up to it directly (but few of us do, right?).  Well, reality has a way of intruding on one’s outlook – and it is persistent.  Like many, I was outside on Thanksgiving Day  trying to […]

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Would I need a prescription for this kind of Turkey or is it an over-the-counter?

by Skip November 24, 2014

(H/T: Pinterest)

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Thanksgiving Day message from our Government: ah yes,THIS is what we pay good money for…

by Skip November 22, 2012

Yes, where would we all be without them – so lost in so mismanaging our lives?  Once again, the taxpayer funded US Govt (aka, our supremely concerned Nanny State) believes that we taxpayers need reminders to watch out for ourselves as we celebrate time with family and friends in thanking God for the bounty He […]

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