Terry Wolf

New Hampshire Democrat Wants to “Revoke …Tax Cuts Businesses Didn’t Ask For”

by Steve MacDonald September 13, 2018

Remember when we said your voting record matter? We’ve got another example, and it ties in nicely with our congratulations to Republican Dan Hynes on his election win. He beat out one of those squishy Republicans with a lousy voting record in the State Senate District 9 primary. Terry Wolf is reputed to be a Bill Greiner […]

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Terry Wolf Says She’s a ‘conservative’ But Her Record Says She’s Something Else

by Op-Ed September 10, 2018

by Dan Hynes – Republican Candidate NN State Senate Dist. 9 My Republican opponent in the Nh State Senate Dist. 9 primary says she is “conservative” who supports limited government and that she is proud of her commitment to cutting taxes, protecting our rights, and keeping New Hampshire free.” Her American Conservative Union score: 61% […]

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Why You Should Vote for Dan Hynes Over Terry Wolf in Senate District 09

by ambanfield September 7, 2018

People have asked me why I support Dan Hynes for Senate over Terry Wolf– especially since I respect and like Terry very much. Terry has always been cordial to me, and I appreciate that in a public servant.  She served for several years on the Bedford School Board and has served as Bedford’s State Representative.  She has […]

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Is Republican Terry Wolf a “Threat” to New Hampshire?

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2018

The congressional races get all the attention, but there are several “other” important primaries coming up. We’ve weighed in on a few including Jane Cormier in EC4 and Kevin Avard’s Pro-Peggy Gilmour Republican challenger. Another in need of your attention is State Senate District 9 between Dan Hynes and Terry Wolf. Dan and I have disagreements, […]

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