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Did Parental Notification in New Hampshire Lower the Teen ‘Birth’ Rate?

Teenage birth rates - NH has lowest in the nationAny moment now the Nashua Telegraph or the Concord Monitor will publish an article based on the most recent survey released by the United Health Foundation. (I mentioned it recently here.)  While I do not expect the local media to explore the point in that particualr piece–that you can spend far less in health care and consistently rank in the top three for healthiest states–they will find a few column inches to obsess over this one.

New Hampshire ranked number one in lowest teen pregnancies.

I’ve observed this cultural Granite State statistic in the past (see here, and here),  where my primary concern has always been the lack of data on abortions including chemical abortions using day after pills.  Compound that in past years where no parental notification laws were in place and the shadow extended even further.  Teen pregnancy rates could have been low as a result of abortions and there was no data either way to clear that up.

This year we are in almost the exact same place.  New Hampshire ranks number one with the lowest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation, we still don’t have any good data on abortions or abortificents,  but this year something is different.

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