NH Medicaid Expansion – I wonder if State Senator Jeb Bradley is finally going to apologize to us all?

by Skip February 2, 2018

Even if he doesn’t, there’s a whole bunch of us that can and will taunt him with “See, told ya so!” as the Baby Daddy of Medicaid Expansion here in NH is finally meeting up with fiscal reality as the Sugar Daddy (the Feds) are tightening up their wallet and taxpayers here in NH are finally […]

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Rand Paul on taxes, government, and freedom

by Tim Condon December 13, 2012

From a recent column in The Wall Street Journal by Senator Paul: There is an implication, he observes, “that raising taxes—that is, extracting and confiscating more income from workers and businesses—is harmful to the economy. I am easily persuaded of this truism. As Milton Friedman said, nobody spends someone else’s money as frugally or as […]

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In the long run, we’re all dead…including our economy, and our country

by Tim Condon May 25, 2012

The end result of endless taxing, endless spending, and endless corruption in Washington, DC. From Forbes magazine:  “After Obamacare, which socialized 18% of GDP, combined federal, state, and local governments are now responsible for a whopping 40% of GDP. In 1900 that number was only 3%! How did we get here from the days of […]

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