Tax Increases

Newest Democrat House Member Bill O’Neil – Clueless in Concord

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2013

Fresh off his decisive 37 vote special election win in Manchester on March 19th, Democrat Bill O’Neil has already made a mark in Concord. He’s gone on the record to state, unequivocably, that there are no tax increases in the Democrats new House budget. (He’s only wrong by 263 million dollars.) Oh yeah.  Doing Ward […]

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O Lights Another Exploding Cigar

by Scott Morales February 18, 2013

The cunning charlatan-in-chief has once again outdone and outsmarted someone… himself. Just last month, one of O’s schemes exploded in the faces of his voters as if they were attending an exploding cigar festival and he was the one doling out the stogies.  O promised not to raise taxes on families making under $250,000. Then, […]

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Forward is the New Backward

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2013

Reality thy name is payroll tax cut, or more to the point the absence of same.  That’s right, the federal government will no longer be subsidizing your lifestyle.  The “holiday” is over.  They are taking back that which is theirs.  And all of our paychecks are going down as a result. Effective January 1st the payroll […]

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Why I vote for going over the fiscal cliff….

by Tim Condon December 2, 2012

“Our fiscal situation is so crazy that a few analysts have begun suggesting that maybe going over the fiscal cliff is our best hope.” And here too. And yet another here.

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Prelude to November 2010 All Over Again?

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2012

Charles Krauthammer brings home the bacon on the White House Fiscal Cliff Deal effort to screw Republicans for nothing in return. Synopsis- Republicans are expected to detail every cut.  Democrats can just toss out a number with no details at all.  The whole deal stinks and while Obama has nothing to fear, other elected Democrats […]

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Can Using Only Tax Increases Address The Debt Problem?

by Scott Morales October 3, 2012

This is how I understand it. We have $16,000,000,000,000 in debt.  We’re spending $1,000,000,000,000 more a year than we bring in, and we’ve been doing it for the last 4 years. As a conservative, I see it as a spending problem; we simply spend more money than we have. We get the money by borrowing […]

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Another New Hampshire Myth Busted!

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2010

Thirty nine democrats voted with republicans to hold off the adjournment, but the vote fell short, leaving the tax hikes on the books as the House leaves to defend two years of excessive spending, massive debt, the democrats unpopular health care plan, the failure to utilize Pay-Go as promised, the inability to even try and form a budget, repeated ethical lapses by liberal law makers, and a host of other ills that have driven their approval rating to historical lows.

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