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Are Stay At Home Parents Robbing the Government of Revenue?

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2015
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Democrats may not admit this but they believe it all belongs to the government.  All of it. “You didn’t build that” is the bumper-sticker slogan of Marxists everywhere.  You can’t do it without them, you didn’t do it, to which we could add ‘How dare you do it.”  And for the record, any little bit […]

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We Want a Simplified Tax Code That Fits on a Restaurant Place-Mat…

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2013

I stumbled across an old issue of National Review, March 2013, in which James Lileks writes about ‘Retail Politics.’  I won’t revisit the article except to share the closing remarks, which take a very realistic look at the politics of the tax code. “We want a simplified tax code that fits on a restaurant place-mat, […]

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Adventures in Babysitting

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

J.Robert Smith has a good article at American Thinker on Republicans taking back the tax issue, and that is certainly true,  but there were two things in particular that stood out to me… First, the current US tax code consists of almost 74,000 pages.  (What the…) Second, on one of those pages can be found this. (paragraphs appear here in […]

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There is a difference between the Free Market and the Government Market

by Skip September 20, 2012

And TreeHugger decided to demonstrate that, with clueless irony, all on their own.  Yes, one more from TreeHugger that shows that Environmentalism has really left its roots of DOING environmental work and very much all about getting Big Government and its big teat (and very much, dependent on that teat) to do it instead as […]

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GrokTV Event – Seacoast Republican Women Congressional Forum – Question 2

by Skip August 11, 2012

Another question from the audience related to that big bug-a-boo from the Maker / Productive class (as opposed to the Taker / Moocher / Socialist class) – taxes?  They see it as unfair that some are forced to pull the entire weight of the cost of government for all, and that it is used for […]

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Data Point – Fair Share: who DOES pay the income tax?

by Skip July 19, 2012

From AEIdeas: When is fair, well, fair?  Unfortunately, the Democrat Socialists that have their greedy fingers into the tax code are not going to be happy until the marginal tax rate for the top 15% (or lower) rises to 100%.

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