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But isn’t John H Sununu a Republican that attacks Democrats?

by Skip August 21, 2014

The tax problem that Walt Havenstein has, taking a homestead tax credit that he should not have, is certainly making the news.  Yet, I thought this was rather amusing by former NH Gov and former NH GOP Chair John E. Sununu in a “rousing” defense of Havenstein in the UL: Former Gov. John H Sununu, […]

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Annie McKluster Doesn’t Pay Her Taxes? [Updated & Bumped]

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2013

The New Hampshire Young Republicans (NHYR) want to know why Congress-critter Ann McLane Kuster (I prefer McKluster) is worth an estimated $1.8 million dollars but can’t manage to pay her property taxes? “While Annie Kuster pushes a message that we all need to chip in a little extra, she has failed to pay her fair […]

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