Tax Breaks

Blogline of Day – the stereotype is reinforced every time the Progressives open their mouths

by Skip July 16, 2017

And summed up perfectly by this: If you want to know what smug liberal superiority and self-righteousness is all about, this is the piece for you. That would be a piece in Pravda on the Merrimac by Rep. Mary Jane Wallner and Sen. Dan Feltes – both Progressive Democrats – which basically tells the rest of us […]

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Liberal language perversion: Entitlement, Tax Breaks

by Skip November 2, 2014

And yes, there are those in the welfare class that DO believe your money (MY money!) should be given to them to the point of being a Right – the de facto fulfillment of FDR’s intent with his Second Bill of Rights.  I know that, as I have said before, I had bunches of them […]

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