Tavis Smiley

American Exceptionalism – and the non-recognition of Evil?

by Skip September 22, 2013

David Gregory of the Sunday morning talking head show, Meet The Press, over the most important question concerning our Republic (yes, a Republic – not a democracy): What is the Proper Role of Government? and he turned to Leftist Tavis Smiley for his take on it: Gregory: There is a big argument over government too, […]

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Progressives truly believe that laws change EVERYONE’s behavior – and ignore everyone’s nature.

by Skip December 16, 2012

What a rather silly notion, Skip.  Why, if Progressives actually believed Law, we Conservatives would never have had a (sad) hoot of a time with Sec. of Treasuery Timothy “Turbo Tax” Geitner, Sec of Labor Hilda Solis, Cabinet wannabe Tom Dashle and the other assorted current denizens of the White House staff who have “under […]

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