Perry Indictment A Giant Backfire For Dems

by Mike August 23, 2014

When power (and vodka) drunk DA Rosemary Lehmberg Indicted Governor Rick Perry for abuse of power, after he threatened to veto funding for her office when she didn’t do the decent thing and step down upon conviction of drunk driving, some local Dems cheered….. But not for long – as cooler heads prevailed, and commentators […]

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And now, a word for our advertisers

by Skip February 25, 2013

Over on the Right Sidebar are a couple of folks that have chosen to advertise with us.  SonsOfEnoch.com has a bunch of “not your ordinary” type T-shirt vendor.  I know them personally (they live and work in my town), so as an “up by their bootstraps” type of operation, I offered to give them some […]

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