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Sylvia Larsen is Retiring

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2014
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Long time collector of money from abortion mills, and other progressive special interests, raiser of taxes, friend of pencil pushing bureaucrats and unions everywhere, State Senator Sylvia Larsen is retiring. That’s all I have for now.  Heard it on the radio coming home, and now I’m back out the door, but I thought I’d share.

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NH Legislature Seeks to ‘Maximize’ Benefits of 1st in Nation Primary100th Anniversary

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2014
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Manchester Union Leader At a public hearing on House Bill 1400 Tuesday, Norelli told the House Election Law Committee the state’s first-in-the-nation primary is a source of great pride and has put New Hampshire at the center of many historic events. “The formation of this commission is an important step to position our state to […]

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NH Democrat Sylvia Larsen – “Hey, Let’s Scare Employers Away From and Out Of New Hampshire!”

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2014
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Kimberly Morin has a very revealing piece at in which she parses NH Democrat Sylvia Larsen’s proposed Senate Bill SB207. Larsen, hewing to her progressive busy-body roots, is set on something she calls ‘paycheck equality,’ but as Morin observes, it is not just a ridiculous idea that attempts to patronize to populist ignornace to […]

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It’s nice to know they read them…

by Susan Olsen November 19, 2013

I wanted to share the thoughtful and comforting response I got from my Senator to my email outlining why I am urging her to vote “No” on Medicaid Expansion in NH.

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New Hampshire Democrat Women! How Do You Think Live Birth Abortions Should Be Performed?

by Steve MacDonald April 17, 2013

No point in beating around the bush.  Kermit Gosnell has put live birth abortion front and center and so should we.  It is a thoroughly documented fact that this is something that a number of prominent Democrat women in New Hampshire support.  Democrat leaders in the state and the Democrat party support it.  So we […]

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Sober Talk From New Hampshire Democrats on Assault Weapons?

by Steve MacDonald December 20, 2012

The Union Leader has an editorial out this morning that quotes some members of New Hampshire Democrat leadership as tip-toeing around the current wave of rhetoric and discussion on what to do about guns. Instead, they are asking what are probably important questions about mental health services but I suspect that their interest here is […]

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Terrie Norelli and Sylvia Larsen: Jealous!?

by Steve MacDonald September 28, 2012

Late in the 2007 session, when Democrats controlled the the entire New Hampshire State Government for the first time in 95 years,  then House Speaker Terri “Billion Dollar Deficit’ Norelli and Senate President Sylvia Larsen, figured the beginning of a recession was a great time to add a $72,000.00 bathroom remodel on to the backs […]

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Slippery Slope…?

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2012

Sylvia Larsen is making a slippery slope argument against the New Hampshire Senate’s passage of a bill that would make causing the death of an unborn child murder. Senate Minority Leader Sen. Sylvia Larsen, D-Concord, joined other Democrats in criticizing Forsythe’s bill. “I think it establishes a bad precedent. It establishes a non-scientific basis for […]

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Sylvia Larsen – Zipper head

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2012

I suppose you’ll want some context for that headline.  Back in December (12/9/2011) I explained why New Hampshire should continue lowering tobacco taxes.  I suggested we adopt some kind of schedule by which we would sunset tobacco taxes over the next decade based of the long term decline in sales.  Why, after all, would you […]

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NH House School Musical

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2010

Last year, at budget time, liberals, democrats, a few RINO’s, and even some chickens were asking where the cuts were.  No not cold cuts but budget cuts.  The libs had just added another 10% to the state budget and they wanted to know where, how and what part of that could we possibly cut. Let’s reminisce on the […]

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