Sustainable Communities

GrokTV: ABA / Workforce Housing Forum – Q & A Parts 4 & 5

by Skip September 29, 2013

It was a long night and a long meeting – but if a topic is important, isn’t it important to take the time to discuss it correctly?  It was obvious when looking at the faces of the attendees that a lot of the information was brand new.  It was also clear, when some of the […]

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Notable quote: The Woodpile Report

by Susan Olsen August 31, 2013

“Shock – The coming free fall  into   squalor and horror will be particularly shocking to those who  rely on designer  “resilient communities” and “sustainable life styles” of the five hundred acres and independence kind. There will come a time when they’ll wish they had less expertise in their pet’s dental hygiene and more in how […]

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About that “Sustainable Development Programs ARE a Part of Implementing the UN Agenda 21” thing…

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2013

Yeah, that’s like, totally true.  It’s right in the Federal Register… Federal Register / Vol. 63, No. 163 / Monday, August 24, 1998 / Notices    45157 (link) The Sustainable Development Challenge Grant program is consistent with other community-based efforts EPA has introduced, such as the Brownfields Initiative, Environmental Justice Small Grants Program, Project XL, the […]

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POSTPONED: Panel Discussion On UN Agenda 21 And Its Many Forms

by Mike May 16, 2013

Sponsored by the Nashua Area Federation of Republican Women – new date TBD. Purpose – to educate and answer questions regarding UN Agenda 21, and show why you should be concerned, regardless of the innocent sounding names attached, about the assault on your rights, your property, and your child’s education. Format – introduction by each […]

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Following the Trail from Sustainability…to Tyranny (Part 2)

by Tom August 12, 2012

This is part-2 of a series that breaks down the “sustainability” movement, and explains how some in NH are working to constrain individual liberties with it.  Read part-1 here. The consummate community organizer, President Obama, knows the value of urban voters.  He knows that urban living, with its clustered, infrastructure-heavy, and herd-like nature, depends on […]

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GrokTV Event: Part 4 – Jack Kimball and Carson Springer on Sustainable Communities Initiative / Granite State Future Plan

by Skip June 18, 2012

Last Wednesday, Diane Bitter (Chair, Rye Republicans) decided to hold a meeting on the “Sustainable Communities Initiative” here in NH.  Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, Fed. Department of Transportation, and the Fed. Department of Housing and Urban Development, it seemingly is becoming a way to Federalize our local communities by first entering with “free […]

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GrokTV Event: Part 2 – Eileen Mashimo on “Sustainable Communities Initiative” that will Federalize local communities

by Skip June 15, 2012

After Ken Eyring presented the overall situation (the joint program of “Sustainable Communities Initiative” by the EPA, the Federal Dept. of Transportation, and by Housing and Urban Development), Eileen Mashimo stood up.  She is a researcher and she was the one that started to follow and trackdown all the known details – and the further […]

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