Yet Doug Scamman believe we should cede “social issues” to the Left even as…

by Skip August 20, 2015

…they fashion their culture wars to be cudgels with which to bang Republicans upside the head politically with them?  This is not a winning strategy from a former NH Speaker of the House (who, by the way, was elected Speaker only with the help of Democrats).  In this video, we see that there is a […]

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Abject surrender is the mentality and desired outcome

by Skip June 5, 2014

Wars do not have a “responsible end” – you either win or the other guy wins.  Simply declaring “it’s over” is not the same as winning, it IS the same as saying “I have decided to lose”.  The enemy has broken your will to win – so passing out the white flag is apropos.  Abject […]

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