Supply and demand

Is this why Obama and “leave it in the ground enviro-weenies” tried to kill off fracking?

by Skip March 18, 2017

“The leaner, meaner and more resilient U.S. shale is basically wiping out OPEC’s efforts to achieve higher oil prices with the output deal.“ “wellhead breakeven prices in the Permian Midland have dropped from $71/barrel in 2014 to $36/barrel in 2016–a 49-percent decrease“ OK, I kid about the second group (“leave it in the ground enviro-weenies”) […]

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US Frackers will REJOICE over this!

by Skip October 30, 2016

OPEC is desperate to see oil prices go up and so is Russia (both the latter and the Sauds are on a real downward trend on their financial reserves) so I’m not surprised about this.  However, there’s one phrase in this that makes no sense at all (emphasis mine, reformatted) and includes the US fracking […]

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Notable Quote – Deirdre N. McCloskey

by Skip August 22, 2016

The enrichment [of the modern world] came mainly from bourgeois liberty and creativity unbridled, not from piling up constraints on voluntary deals or from redistributing what income we get from the deals. Wages and working conditions, after such shocking enrichment, are in fact determined largely by supply and demand, not by regulations passed by Congress […]

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Driving Out The Competition

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

I have posited elsewhere in these pages that the government (when run by this particular crowd of liberal Democrats at least) very likely engages in tax policy designed to eliminate political competition. If, for example, you drive off all the wealthy people or confiscate so much of their wealth that they cling (bitterly) to whatever […]

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