They. Chose. Poorly: Kasich Annoys EVERYBODY!

by Mike November 14, 2015

We discovered, during the summer, that team Sununu had picked Kasich as their moderate Republican standard-bearer for 2016, and further, that Kasich had bet his entire campaign on New Hampshire. Those of us who had watched Kasich on Fox from time to time already weren’t very impressed with either his claims of conservatism or his […]

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GOPe-A-DOPE: Establishment Loses Its Mind!

by Mike October 27, 2015

It’s like the abusive husband crying that his wife doesn’t understand him, and completely unable to grasp where the real blame lies….. Shorter JEB: If you want a clown show, elect Trump, I won’t play! Shorter Sununu: The base aren’t Talk, Talk, Talking Listening to ME anymore! Shorter Kasich: If you don’t like my Medicaid […]

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Shawn Jasper’s Greatest Achievement – UNITY… For O’Brien

by Mike December 3, 2014

Before the GOP caucus voted for Speaker last month, the current NHGOP leadership, and “governors from the last century” weighed in with a letter endorsing Gene Chandler for the job, in the name of “civility”, and “getting along” with Democrats (why??). The caucus voted, O’Brien won, Gene Chandler stood up and asked for a unanimous […]

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GrokTALK! Snippets–Segment One: Steve And Skip Wander the Political Plantation

by Steve MacDonald April 14, 2013

The full April 13th podcast went up here earlier today, but now it is time to break it down into the more digestible bits. In Segment one of this weeks podcast Skip and Steve manage to talk about sovereignty, hose, tangent alerts, extremism, our sexy and modern constitution, ACNation media, WMUR, skiing through Global Warming, […]

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With This Bunch Failure Is Always An Option

by Steve MacDonald November 29, 2012

I’m torn between thinking this is just sad or that it’s just funny.  Maybe ironic is a better word? First, the NHGOP establishment power brokers (who forced Jack Kimball out) just cleared the field to make sure that the preferred, groomed, in-debted (and in debt) to them, moderate insider was the only candidate left running […]

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