G7 Shakedown – Trump Drops Truth Bomb About Trade. Everyone Loses Their Mind.

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2018

Mike teased Trump’s realignment at the G7 Summit here which the media has (naturally) decided to sell it as a G6 versus the Trump Ogre. The world aligning against their oafish nemesis. That tells us a lot about the media and their abhorrence of the Make America Great Again Culture that put Trump in Office. […]

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I see flying pigs – I actually agree with Jeanne Shaheen on something!

by Skip November 13, 2017

I am still shaking my head over this piece in the Union Leader – Jeanne Shaheen agrees with me??? Emphasis mine, reformatted: A sweet idea: Shaheen attacks sugar subsidies Give Sen. Jeanne Shaheen points for persistence. Her Senate colleagues have shown little appetite for eliminating subsidies to the sugar industry, but she keeps trying.  Shaheen has […]

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Costs of Health Care, College Tuition vs. Cell Phones, Televisions

by Scott Morales March 10, 2017

As the GOP-ers are bandying on about the new health care plan which looks remarkably like the old health care plan which was decried by the same people pushing the new health care plan, I thought I’d toss this out for some to chew on. Below is a nice instructive graphic from a few years […]

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A deficit by no name at all

by Skip October 29, 2016

Our Progressive Ruling Class: “Investments – we can do ANYTHING with your money! Yeah, I know – including lying about what “investment” means – yet another instance of redefining the common language to further an ideological agenda which in this case is a crass attempt to make you think that government NEVER “spends” your money […]

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Who Do Federal Energy Subsidies Favor?

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2016

The next time you find yourself in a conversation about government energy subsidies, refer to the chart above. The report lists how much the government is spending in direct support of various forms of power generation. Ten percent goes to “fossil fuels.” Seventy-two percent is spent propping up ‘renewable’ energy if we exclude nuclear (another […]

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“Why is college so expensive?”

by Skip October 8, 2016

“The reason? Government-funded student loans drive up demand, which incentivizes colleges and universities to charge much more than they would if the average American had to pay for it out of his own pocket.” (H/T: Liberty Unyielding)

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Data Point – of TVs, healthcare, and prices

by Skip August 20, 2016

“Consider each product or service shown. College is heavily subsidized, regulated, and exclusionary, and the costs are soaring. The textbook industry is hobbled by extreme copyright regulation, and can depend on captive buyers. Childcare is one of the most regulated industries in the country. Not just anyone can enter. Every aspect of childcare provision is […]

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Electric Cars aren’t About to Save the Planet

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2016
Thumbnail image for Electric Cars aren’t About to Save the Planet

Not news to me but I never get tired of other people pointing out the scam. While electric cars typically emit less CO2, the savings are smaller than most imagine. Over a 150,000 km lifetime, the top-line Tesla S will emit about 13 tonnes of CO2. But the production of its batteries alone will emit […]

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So, NH Choo-Choo trainers still think a second line would be a GREAT idea?

by Skip April 5, 2016

From the Anti-Planner (a nationally recognized land use and transportation expert): Commuter rail was flat, overall gaining just 20,000 riders for the entire year, which considering the total is 490 million is a 0.00 percent increase. Some of the biggest losers were Portland, Maine (-14%), Albuquerque (-12%), and Portland, Oregon (-8%). Maine, Maine – whatEVAH […]

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Comment Doodlings: The Choo-choo train equivalence to the NH Senate Republican Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

by Skip April 4, 2016

Shot: NH Senate President, Republican Chuck Morse – in implementing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion: this will protect NH Taxpayers Chaser: NH Rep Dale Sprague (D-Somersworth) – in arguing that NH ought to have a choo-choo train to Boston: The House also ignored the fact that the $4 million project development phase can be completed without impacting New Hampshire […]

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Communitarianism vs Free Market

by Skip December 20, 2015

Yes, once again I trekked over to Treehugger for a post that complained that IF Congress failed to renew the wind and solar tax credits, up to 100,000 jobs would be lost.  Well being the Free Marketeer that I am, I could not let that go and waded into the comments.  A couple of them […]

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When Government stops supporting winners, they oft become the losers

by Skip November 1, 2015

The losers that the private marketplace already judged them to be from the get-go.  Obama famously said he’d put a million electric cars on the road – he hasn’t.  But is that the purview of Government or even being the President, to decree to citizens what kinds of cars (and the energy they use) out […]

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Whoda thunk it – yet another Govt induced Bubble?

by Skip August 14, 2015

Uh-huh, another day, another problem from the Feds (w/contributions from the States, too).  This is what happens when the Smart People decide they know better for everyone than each of those hundreds of million everyones making their own decisions for themselves.  Get that – those in govt believe that they not only have the Smarts […]

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What Really Exacerbates Student Debt?

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2015
Thumbnail image for What Really Exacerbates Student Debt?

SADDLED WITH STUDENT DEBT: New Hampshire’s bailouts of and subsidies to the state university system have only exacerbated the student debt and brain drain problems. New Hampshire consistently ranks near the top for student debt and percentage of students graduating with debt.  We were number one in 2013 and number two in 2014.  And while we’ve […]

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Data Point – Fossil Fuel reserves; so much for “Peak Oil” alarmists

by Skip May 9, 2015

“The green energy movement in America is dead. May it rest in peace. No, a majority of American energy over the next 20 years is not going to come from windmills and solar panels. One important lesson to be learned from the green energy fad’s rapid and expensive demise is that central planning doesn’t work. […]

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King v. Burwell is About The Rule of Law

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2015
Thumbnail image for King v. Burwell is About The Rule of Law

A majority of the nation is going about its business unaware of the most recent “front” in the political trench-war of American politics.  The United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments Wednesday in the case of King v. Burwell. King v. Burwell is the ticking bomb that could destroy the 2016 presidential aspirations of Republican candidates.  […]

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Immigration Reform Benefits Politicians, It Harms Most Americans

by Don June 24, 2013

Lets be frank, our politicians are trying to force Comprehensive Immigration Reform down our throats because it benefits the politicians themselves even though it hurts most Americans. With 20 million unemployed or underemployed Americans, we don’t need the low skilled, poorly educated immigrant workers who flood this labor pool driving down wages and taking jobs Americans desperately […]

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Data Point – Data for Grid Parity for Solar PV keeps going into the future

by Skip October 3, 2012

(H/T: Business Insider) I have said often that I am not against Solar Energy – I bought a solar hot water heater and solar hot air solar collectors (home heating).  But I paid a pretty penny for them and once the subsidies dried up, so did the companies that could no longer service the companies.  […]

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The TEA Party is for America not for a Political Party

by Don October 4, 2011

The TEA Party demands that politicians ignore both leftist and rightist special interests and start addressing our country’s problems. The TEA Party opposes politicians of any party who continue the disastrous policies of the last 50 years. It will support politicians of any party who are dedicated to returning to the policies that made our country the greatest in human history: personal responsibility, small Constitutionally authorized and fiscally responsible government, the rule of law equally applied to rich and poor regardless of political influence, and opportunity for all to work for their dreams.

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