Blogline of the Day – Progressives show again they are only skin deep

by Skip October 15, 2017

 Apple VP Of Diversity Apologizes For Suggesting Diversity Of Thought Is Important. Except their hatred for people like me – then it goes bone deep. (H/T: Instapundit)

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Has it come to this?

by Skip September 12, 2017

How far will the Left force the rest of us to go for “equality”? (H/T: Powerline)

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A tax, a “makeup tax”? What else can Libs whine about?

by Skip August 19, 2015

Seriously, they feel “picked on” because they feel they have to – put on makeup?  And then call it “a tax”?  From TreeHugger (emphasis mine): “Makeup, in short, is a norm, and nothing ruins a first impression like a norm violation,” writes Olga Khazan on the very real and troubling phenomena of the Makeup Tax. For […]

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Federal Department of the Treasury going Prepper? What do they know that we don’t?

by Skip December 11, 2014

This is either a complete waste of our money, another example of entitled government workers (like, why can’t they buy their OWN stuff??), or a real serious question: is something about to happen (or could happen) and they won’t tell us? From the Washington Free Beacon (reformatted, emphasis mine) The Department of Treasury is seeking to […]

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I still can’t figure out how this Progressive gets theah from heah

by Skip December 8, 2013

Let’s be clear – it seems that for Progressives, politics drives their very being, and they pursue avidly.  It fills their souls so much that they can’t begin to grok that when conservatives talk about religious values, progressives think that use of personal religion conscience is only a dodge from agreeing with something in the […]

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You KNOW what my first thought was when I saw this photo:

by Skip May 20, 2012

Thought: so, when do we see a reporter climbing INTO a pot to mock Obama’s EATING of a dog?  If this Seattle based reporter wants to much to make fun of an old, old story of Romney’s Seamus the dog, let’s see her, in the vaunted spirit of bipartisanship that I keep hearing from Democrats […]

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