Bernie v Hillary Getting Ugly in Nevada: Medic Requested at Convention

by Scott Morales May 15, 2016

Last night supporters for the two Democrats vying for the nomination clashed at the Nevada Democrat Convention to the point the police came in to disperse the crowd (not really a surprise given the party — there’s a history here.).  One poor socialist was face down on video requiring a medic. Ahh, the things you […]

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Cultural Appropriation: If you want me to stop taking yours, stop taking mine!

by Skip December 28, 2015

Cultural Appropriation – what a nonsense idea!  It’s all the rage with the PC college campi and Social Justice Warrior jihadists in that one culture (generally white because RACISM!) decides to seriously or lightheartedly take some aspect of an oppressed (generally non-white because RACISM!) culture (oops, I just appropriated “jihad” from a culture that is […]

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Gun Grabber Stupidity

by Rick Olson October 15, 2015

“Irony is wasted on the stupid” – Oscar Wilde I came across this Tumblr post on Mike’s Corner. “Beelavender” writes…. “In line to get coffee, Manhattan. There are definitely some thing I miss about England, like, oh never wondering if my morning caffeine run will end in a gun battle. Side note for those who […]

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And Iran won’t cheat on the Obama’s Nuke deal, either

by Skip August 22, 2015

(H/T: The Truth About Guns)

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On Starbucks and “Race Together”: “I realize that a race-and-gender-studies degree tends to lead to a barista position,…”

by Skip March 17, 2015

“…so at least they’re trained, but most of us don’t really care what they have to say.”  – Instapundit You know, Laura Ingraham (conservative talk show host and pundit) wrote a book a while ago called “Shut up and Sing” whose message was “I have given you money to entertain me – not lecture me […]

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A WTF moment – can this Anti Gunner pen a worse Gun Control Op-Ed more devoid of actual facts?

by Skip September 26, 2014

GrokTALK! is trying to have a WTF segment every week.  In honor of Grokster Rick being with this (as he speaks of all things firearms), I put this forward as one of the WTF nominees for tomorrow.  This is just SO bad I’d be here all nite tearing it apart but I’ll just bold what I […]

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It seems to be the elected Republicans that are the worst obstacles for Republican candidates

by Skip September 26, 2014

All of the Federal candidates were running against Obamacare, and then the Rogue Republicans in the NH State Senate decided to sponsor, legislate, and vote for implementing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.  Hard to run against something when people in your own Party stab your campaign in the back (re: passed legislation) – and I bet that Frank […]

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You know, I forgot all about it – Earth Day

by Skip April 25, 2014

That day where Environmentalists lament that the rest of us have either have just ignored them (at best) or decided not to let them control our lives (at worst, from their perspective).  Why should I let them – I grew up and live in a country where the foundation is personal Freedom and individual Liberty?  I […]

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You can thanks Democrats for sawing off those rungs, laddie

by Skip February 28, 2014

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101) The purpose of a company is to make money for its owners: sole proprietor, partners, C Corp, LLC, or bigger.  They exist to make wealth – I know my job when working for someone else is to maximize profit.  I was rather blunt with my employees – your job is to […]

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Zero tolerance policies may lead to this

by Skip December 29, 2013

(H/T: Powerline)

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Michelle: “Let’s Move” USPS: “here’s your stamp!” President: “those sports are DANGEROUS!”

by Skip October 10, 2013

Just like Grokster Steve’s post on the Nashua Elementary School’s continuing the sissification of American (“ooh, someone might get hurt!!!”), we see someone else saying “TOO MUCH RISK – you can’t do that!”. Tell me, which sport or activity do you think (there are three) are those that the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & […]

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Did Stephen LaBonte of the NH AG’s office ” mislead viewers” of his Josh Youssef ruling to think it actually wasn’t gibberish?

by Skip August 22, 2013

Sheesh, what maroons (Er, that would be BOTH Ed Mosca and Stephen LaBonte)!  A fake internet site during a campaign – what a NOVEL CONCEPT to think of.  I…I…don’t think anyone has tried that during a campaign before!  Shhh….don’t let ANYONE outside of NH get ahold of this idea, because, well, people might think….well, LOOK! […]

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Notable Quote – Karl Denninger

by Susan Olsen July 22, 2013

‘If you make political promises that can only be met through increased tax rates, now or in the future, you begin the process of slitting your own throat. ‘ Read the whole thing here.

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A PERFECT case of “Bad decision? You own the bad consequence(s)”

by Skip April 28, 2013

For years, I have thought and said that one of the most pernicious new values of our rapidly becoming a secular Progressive Society is that of socializing negative consequences of bad decisions by individuals (“nobody can suffer the consequences of their decisions – we are ALL at fault so we must ALL suffer for him”).   […]

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Williams – Sonoma: the Dick’s Sporting Goods of the kitchen set?

by Skip April 25, 2013

Updated & Bumped: This is when you get caught being stupid.  From CNSNews: Williams-Sonoma Releases Statement Apologizing for Pulling Pressure Cookers “Pressure cookers are available at all our stores nationwide. “In the days immediately following the tragic bombings in Boston a local decision was made to remove pressure cookers from the sales floor of the […]

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Money for nuthin….

by Susan Olsen March 29, 2013

So let me get this straight, some 250 folks were trusting (nay, let’s be honest, greedy and stupid) enough to loan money to a Ponzi scheme in the hopes of making astonishing returns on those loans and when the scumbag operating it finally ran out of suckers and money and the game collapsed, these 250 […]

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Yes, we MUST be critical of their thinking (or what passes for it)

by Skip February 3, 2013

Political correctness, CYA, a lack of blame-shifting / “not my fault and not my responsibility” and a total lack of “critical judgment” – what a combination we see.  And the Educational-Industrial at work (School Board Associations, Administrator Associations, and Public Teachers Unions at these Government schools purport to be all about “public education” and how […]

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“I’m with Stupid”

by Skip November 14, 2012


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Yay for Gridlock! The word “compromise” is not bad, but “compromising principles” is a bad phrase. Throw in “social contract” and there’s a big problem.

by Skip December 18, 2011

Social Contract: an actual or hypothetical agreement among the members of an organized society or between a community and its ruler that defines and limits the rights and duties of each I have been noodling on the phrase “social contract” for quite some time ever since Elizabeth Warren had her misbegotten rant denigrating capitalism and […]

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The Shrill Kathy And The Birthers

by Rick Olson November 29, 2011

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” —Benjamin Franklin Kathy Sullivan is not only dishonest, but she is also a rank charlatan. The Shrill Kathy is the epitome of moral bankruptcy when it comes to New Hampshire politics.  In the UL today she quips, Why does Speaker O’Brien not […]

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