Steve Marchand

A brutal line and validating Steve MacDonald’s claims about a stealth Lefty group.

by Skip August 1, 2018

Just a brutal takedown by Grant Bosse at the UL of hopeful Democrat Governor candidate Steve Marchand: But Steve Marchand is doing his best to make Kelly look like Barry Goldwater. Both balls into the Left’s pool table left side pockets – a two-fer in marking Marchand as a true extremist with his anti-traditional American Exceptionalism stances […]

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Let’s remind people why we split from King George and beat the Redcoats

by Skip August 1, 2018

Only $15 (down from $22.95) – isn’t competition and Capitalism grand? No, this is not an ad by Libertarian COuntry on the ‘Grok.  Rather, it’s a reminder of how far stalwart Liberty loving Americans (as opposed to the Berni-bros and Ocasio-Cortez’ers slouching to Socialism) were willing to stand up to abusers and oppressors.  Taxation for a limited […]

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The Marchand & Molly Show Got Nothing to Say About Record NH Employment

by Steve MacDonald July 18, 2018

Last month we reported on New Hampshire breaking new ground on both employment and labor participation in May. June was even better. Seasonally adjusted estimates for June 2018 placed the number of employed residents at 735,730, an increase of 2,540 from the previous month and an increase of 9,020 from June 2017. I can’t seem to […]

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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for NH Governor

by Skip July 9, 2018

No, current GOP Governor Chris Sununu (only candidate in the NH GOP primary) was a no-show at this event (was it something we all said at an earlier “conservative Old Home Day meeting” that never happened?) but a potential rival did show up (albeit, late in the day) – Aaron Day and came well prepared to speak: […]

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Illegal Alien Child Rapists are Separating Children From Their Childhood

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2018

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement  (NCFire) is a private group that combs through state and local crime data.  They document the child sexual assaults charges/arrests of undocumented illegal aliens in their state. They do not assert that they find them all which is shocking when you look at what they uncover. NCFire has recorded over 400 […]

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Oh, by the way Kathy Sullivan? About the fact that all Democrats are now Socialists?

by Skip July 4, 2018

OK, so Newsweek was only right about the Left – I dare say that only US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is about the only Blue Dog Democrat (think centrist, even if Left of that center). So, Kathy Sullivan – tell me this: with respect to “truth in advertising” (a form of speech as well, right??), […]

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Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand Wants to Make NH A Sanctuary State

by Steve MacDonald June 28, 2018

Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand has read the fair-trade responsibly sourced liberal tea leaves. Advocating Far-Left ideas wins Democrat primaries. To that end, he’s decided to share his plan for making New Hampshire into a sanctuary state. Keep in mind that it is the Sanctuary Status of Lawrence, Massachusetts that makes it the epicenter of […]

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Once again, Tucker Carlson shows that the Left CAN’T answer a straight forward question: what will happen when you confiscate guns from law abiding citizens?”

by Skip April 9, 2018

So this Georgia lawmaker,  State Rep. Erica Thomas, went on Tucker Carlson in defense right after the first March for Our Lesser Rights Lives rallies and rightfully took the kids to task for not understanding that complex problem do not have simple answers. He had a simple question: what would happen in Georgia if a […]

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Stop the Presses: Steve Marchand Wants More Gun Control for New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2018

Remember that thing in Lebanon, NH, where a left-wing candidate was expected to pander to the progressive base on gun control? He did. And it’s hard to tell, but it doesn’t look like too many people bothered to show up to listen, but the Valley News managed three sentences worth of reporting. Here’s the first one. The other […]

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If Anyone is in Lebanon Tomorrow (No, Not for that!) We Need a Stringer…

by Steve MacDonald February 26, 2018

  If anyone happens to be in the Lebanon, NH area tomorrow (say, town hall about 11 am) and can record something for us, there might a thing going on involving Steve Marchand. Maybe. Just show up like any other regular schlub and use your phone or whatever to capture the blessed event. Mix in, mingle, pretend […]

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WAIT! I thought NH’s Constitutional Carry was “Settled Law”?

by Skip October 13, 2017

.@marchandsteve tells @nhpr he would move to reinstate concealed carry permit requirement, push for universal background checks #NHpolitics — Michael Brindley (@MBrindley_NHPR) October 9, 2017 So, Marchand wants to overturn Constitutional Carry? Does that mean that gay marriage and abortion isn’t really “settled law” and thus is fair game? Good to know, Steve, good to know […]

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NH Gubernatorial Debates – A circus with plenty of clowns

by Kimberly Morin September 7, 2016

Last night WMUR held two gubernatorial debates – one between the Republican candidates and one between the Democrat candidates. In each debate it seemed some candidates were trying to out-progressive (Democrats) or out-conservative (Republicans) each other.

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Democrats for Governor on 2A: Increase gun control and ban firearms

by Kimberly Morin August 25, 2016

On Monday, WMUR released an interview segment with each Democrat running in the gubernatorial primary discussing gun control. As painful as it may seem to sit through interview after interview with any politicians, it’s important to understand what these men are saying and what they actually mean. All three Democrats for Governor – Colin Van Ostern, […]

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Steve Marchand – Please Remind Maggie Hassan About Democrat Talking Point: Big Money in Politics

by Steve MacDonald June 5, 2016
Thumbnail image for Steve Marchand – Please Remind Maggie Hassan About Democrat Talking Point: Big Money in Politics

Former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand (D) is accepting voluntary limits on campaign contributions in his race for Governor of New Hampshire”in the spirit of reducing the corrosive influence of big money in politics.” According to SeacoastOnline, accepting “The spending limit prohibits a gubernatorial candidate from spending more than $625,000 in the primary and $625,000 in the […]

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It’s Another “Can’t We All Just Get Along Coalition”

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2010

NoLabels is NoDifferent than the Live Free or Die Alliance, The Coffee Party, or any number of other would-be, sing a song and grab a Coke, dream a little dream utopian chat fest that pretends there is a middle to exploit the politically weak. They are all formed or founded by liberals, with liberal money, in an effort to drag Republican’s or conservatives to the left, forming a bloc of confused voters, operating on a platform with no core principles, to dilute right wing efforts to shrink government and remove its excessive overreach on our lives. (More or less)

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