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Paging GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2015
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GOP National Committeeman Steve Duprey should be happy to know that his support for Planned Parenthood will not be wasted. CNN | Planned Parenthood plans $20 million election fight Washington (CNN) Planned Parenthood is planning to spend at least $20 million fighting Republicans at the ballot box next year as the group punches back against GOP […]

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Actually, it’s the NH GOP on the right….

by Susan Olsen November 8, 2015

“2016 on the left. GOP on the right.” H/T Ace

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GrokTALK! – Defending the Pre-Born

by Steve MacDonald September 27, 2015
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Jane Cormier, the head of NH Right to Life, updates us on Life in New Hampshire, their upcoming banquet, growth in the life movement, with a shout-out (sort-of) to RNC Committeeman Steve “Baby Parts” Duprey and Senator Kelly “Stand with Jeanne Shaheen” Ayotte. We also discuss how the baby-killers feel about the folks defending the […]

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Planned Politicianhood

by Susan Olsen May 21, 2015

Was RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey about to accidentally “abort” GOP candidates from debates? After admitting he “accidentally” attended a Planned Parenthood fundraising event, it seems his idea of cutting things short may, in fact, be instinctive: “I think there’s consensus to cap it [the number of candidates] between nine and 12.” But is Mr. Duprey […]

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Is There Life Before Conception?

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2015
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We spend a few minutes speaking to Jane Cormier about HB560 and SB 40 (fetal homicide legislation) then spend the segment on this weeks Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  We’ve got RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey on the WTF docket along with the goings on in Garland, the media’s disregard for free speech (when they label it hate […]

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As long as we’re doing “revisits”, let’s not forget Steve Duprey & Planned Parenthood

by Skip May 13, 2015

After all, he was at the meeting, check in hand, for Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund – you remember, the political arm of Planned Parenthood whose mission is to get rid of NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey’s sitting Republican US Senator, Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).  Yeah, having it both ways at once.  Sorry, his “justification” in my […]

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A time for choosing – what will the NH GOP Exec Board, NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, and NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey choose?

by Skip May 7, 2015

Yes, I do believe that the story that NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey supporting the Planned Parenthood Action Fund “has legs”.  Certainly here at GraniteGrok (where we hate it when we catch Establishment GOPpers being political hypocrites – because it shows they ARE hypocrites) it is But – Steve has a very good point: And […]

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A Look Behind The NHGOP’s Curtain

by Steve MacDonald May 7, 2015
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We here at DupreyGrok are doing what we do given the circumstances: exposing RINO hypocrites and progressive water carriers. The latest liberal Aquarian bundled in Republican clothing is Steve Duprey. Mr. Duprey loathes the Tea Party. He is also a life-long advocate for abortion, something that should appear incompatible with his role as an RNC […]

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Does Steve Duprey really think this is going over well?

by Skip May 6, 2015

Seriously?  He’s been in politics for 4 decades and thinks this slithering meek “apology” is sufficient?  At least when Jim Foley’s lies caught up with him, he resigned – everything even as he tried to “apologize” as well.  At least Foley’s folly was self-contained – Duprey’s money went to Planned Parenthood (a self-described enemy of Republicans).  And it […]

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Steve Duprey and Jack Kimball – a quick thought on NH GOP Executive Board action

by Skip May 5, 2015

One of the bones that was picked when Jack Kimball that was used to kick him out as NH GOP Chair was that he signed a petition so that a Libertarian would be able to get on the ballot.  They said that was helping the “enemy” of the GOP.  In a way, yes, it would have […]

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Presser – NHRTL PAC: NH Right To Life PAC Calls for GOP Committeeman Removal

by Skip May 5, 2015

New Hampshire Right to Life Political Action Committee Phone 603 230-8136

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NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey approves of this following headline:

by Skip May 5, 2015

In cleaning out some of my old bookmarks, I ran across this: GAO Confirms: Planned Parenthood and Other Groups Use Taxpayer Funds to Promote Abortions After all, money is fungible, right Steve Duprey?  Your money, my tax money – what difference does it make now?  We’ll just call it “Duprey Abortion Approved” – such a […]

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Steve Duprey – NH’s “Die Free Don’t Live” Republican Committeeman

by Steve MacDonald May 5, 2015
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NH Republican Committeeman Steve Duprey supports planned Parenthood, and without regret.  We know this to be true.  And back on May 1st, James Pindell reporting in the Boston Globe, quoted Duprey. For his part, Duprey said he has been publicly in favor abortion rights since he voted that way in the state Legislature in 1974. […]

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Steve Duprey – another reason why Walt Havenstein & Scott Brown lost

by Skip May 4, 2015

Why should the grassroots work & fight for NH GOP Leadership that double-crosses them ideologically? OK, a bit of a clickbait title, but it works.  Here’s why: Walt Havenstein lost, in no small part, because he insulted pretty much all of the TEA Party base (re: Conservative, Libertarian) wing of the Party.  Then didn’t like being […]

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A Republican National Committeeman Walks into a Planned Parenthood Action Fund Fundraiser

by Steve MacDonald May 4, 2015
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey (@SecretaryofFun) deliberately attended a Planned Parenthood Northern New England New Hampshire Action Fund Fundraiser. .@SecretaryofFun See @KellyAyotte 's picture on PP's website? The organization you raise funds for is targeting her. — Beth (@BethRS62) May 3, 2015 Planned Parenthood Northern New England […]

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And that is the problem: the Planks can’t support all the elected Rs that don’t support the planks

by Skip September 22, 2014

And, perhaps, the base: Steve Duprey, who has run many Republican campaigns in New Hampshire, predicted Republicans, including Brown, would not be greatly hindered by the new platform. “I know very few Republicans that support every plank of the platform” Especially quite a number of our Very Important elected representatives.  And, very much,  the base […]

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NH GOP Annual Meeting – Ruminations: Steve Duprey

by Skip May 26, 2014

Steve Duprey is the NH GOP Committeeman from NH.  Pretty much he was short (as he promised) as most of what he had to say was “newsy”.   But there was one thing that caught my ear: …we are the Party of good ideas, of Limited Government, of Liberty and great solutions. Let’s never lose sight […]

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Sorry, NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey, but TEA Partiers are NEITHER Flat Earthers or Anarchists

by Skip November 11, 2013

This is not rocket science – he has been a successful biz dude and have been playing in politics far longer than I.  But even with that, he cannot be given a pass for this faux pas.  Unless of course, it wasn’t and he only wished to have it perceived like the Democrats use those […]

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NH GOP National Committeeman Steve Duprey on “Flat Earth TEA Partiers, and Ted Cruz Fans”

by Skip November 8, 2013

Even a casual reader of the ‘Grok knows that we have been writing about the Civil War now raging within the NH GOP and the GOP is general; the VA Governor race has brought that to the fore.  Nice to see, on the topic of expanding Medicaid here in NH, that former NH GOP Chair […]

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NH GOP RINO’s, State Representative Stella Tremblay, and the Destructive Democrats….

by Tim Condon May 10, 2013

High-level NH RINO’s (“Republicans In Name Only”) are at it again: Jennifer Horn, Gene Chandler, Steve Duprey, and Fergus Cullen are all in a tizzy over state Rep. Stella Tremblay’s recent thoughts on whether the Boston bombing might have elements of an “inside job.” In the Union Leader today, Cullen called Rep. Tremblay “delusional.” Well, […]

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Talking? Shouldn’t you ask your Boss about “talking” to people first?

by Skip December 11, 2012

It seemed semi-coincidental that after I put up the posts on the NH GOP E-Board angst (I and II, with a side dish here) that I had a tweet sent my way by Kerry Marsh: My take is that both Jim Foley and Steve Duprey DID their talking (in either a series of emails to […]

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NH GOP – a riff on the E-board angst reported by DiStaso – Part II

by Skip December 10, 2012

Same column, but where Jim Foley expressed a hubris, it is easy to hear the frustration of former NH GOP Chair and current RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey.  While Foley gets what he deserves, I have a bit more sympathy (yes folks, I did use that word voluntarily) for Duprey (reformatted): Duprey said that especially after […]

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Mr Murphy Goes to Meredith – Our Own Skip Murphy is Nominated for National Committeeman

by Mike April 14, 2012

At the conclusion of a long day of NHGOP politicking, National Committeeman Steve DuPrey was renominated by Grant Bosse, and then a dark horse was proposed for the position: Mary Bonser nominated our very own Skip Murphy. Listen to the nominations, the candidate speeches, and the final results for National Committeewoman and Committeeman:

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From James Pindell’s Political Standing

by Skip April 6, 2012

Really? “Is there any truth to the rumor that next weekend Republican National Committeeman Steve Duprey will be challenged on the floor from an opponent from the right flank?” Interesting rumor…

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