Stephen Moore

Do the Democrats really mean what they say about “equality”, or is it really always Animal Farm?

by Skip November 6, 2016

George Orwell’s Animal Farm: all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others From another NY Post piece by Stephen Moore (who is an economic advisor to Donald Trump) talking about Hillary’s economic plan: Under her plan, the federal income-tax rate would rise to above 45 percent, and the death tax would go […]

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A Cautionary Tale For Democrats: Red State Boom vs Blue State Bust

by Mike January 28, 2013

On FNC this afternoon, The WSJ Editorial Report covered the Phil Mickelson tax controversy, and where he could live for less than a 63% penalty. Paul Gigot, James Freeman, Kimberly Strassel and Stephen Moore discussed how states with no, or falling, income tax are booming, and states with high, or rising, income tax are stagnant […]

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