Stephanie Cutter

Meet The Press – Stephanie Cutter sees no difference between Socialists and Liberal Democrats

by Skip January 17, 2016

On Meet The Press today, Steve Schmidt (of the failed McCain campaign) brought out that 43% of Iowa Democrats self identify as Socialists and not as capitalists.  I didn’t know that but it is an eye-popping statistic lending credence that the Democrat Party has gone far more Left than the Republicans have gone  Right.  After […]

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Talking Head Show Doodlings – Assorted

by Skip February 10, 2013

I DVR and watch the “Talking Head Sunday Morning shows” like Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, and even WUMR’s Closeup”; why?  Somebody is bound and determined to say something stupid.  Well, it is still early and have only gone through Fox New Sunday, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint.  In […]

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