But the Left already KNOWS the reality – they just whine about the Perception

by Skip April 2, 2018

Yeah, while I’m not an NRA member, I’m more of his type, a (late) middle-aged, unassuming, smiling, Dad-bod kinda guy. No orange vest though. But the Left needs a scapegoat and so it manufactures one, especially when it slows down the speed of Statism. (H/T: Powerline)

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Democrats – the Party of the old

by Skip January 19, 2017

Ideas, that is.  The UL has a snippet or so of the different caucuses (cauci?) that exist in the NH House – like minded legislators flocking together around a single or set of ideas.  There are a few but this not only grabbed my attention but puts the difference between those of us who put […]

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That “legislation” by bureaucrats kinda add up, eh? “Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation”

by Skip January 8, 2017

“Free compliance advisors are available for on-sight consultation aimed at helping small businesses comply with regulations.” At what point “a lot of Government” too much government?  Another example of government regulation run amok being buisness harmful. Manhattan culinary staple China Fun shutters, blaming government over-regulation We keep pointing these examples under the principle that at some […]

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Betcha she’ll no longer be proud of the US come Jan 21, too

by Skip December 27, 2016

SHOT: “We feel the difference now. See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like,” she told Oprah Winfrey in an interview, a clip of which aired on CBS on Friday. “Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice […]

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Another’s observation about “Progressivism”

by Skip July 2, 2014

From Big Government: …The term came into (re)use just as there was a concurrent (what I perceive as) negative shift on the Left. The politically correct generation came on the scene. A brand of leftism associated with political conformity, with hardcore statism, with an antipathy toward a Constitution written by a bunch of white, land-owning, […]

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Income Inequality – but what about our personal choices, Mr. Obama?

by Skip December 26, 2013

President Obama has decided, along with most of the Democrats / Progressives / Socialist, that he must bring the Marxist philosophy of Class Warfare to play – but call it Income Inequality.  After all, who is against inequality of any type?  Who is not for the traditional notion of equality?  Well, those that are out […]

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Common Ground…can’t we all just get along?

by Skip October 24, 2013

Let’s keep about the “why” – Here’s a great example of what undergirds the GOP civil war – by Andrew McCarthy at PJ Media (emphasis mine): The statist side is enthusiastically championed by Democrats, and the conservative side by Republicans, albeit more reluctantly. Like the Democratic party, the GOP is run by Washington-oriented politicians and, […]

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Notable Quote – Edmund Burke

by Steve MacDonald September 23, 2013
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Democrats are actually pro-gun.  They want the state to have all the guns.  Big guns, armor, undeniable force superiority. You might ask why?  Why would a party that opposes “gun violence” encourage the arming or over-arming of the state and its bureaucracies?  The answer lies plain before your eyes.   They want to micro-manage your life […]

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We should never vote for a person SIMPLY because they have an R next to their name.

by Skip August 6, 2013

We here at GraniteGrok consider Liberty and Freedom not only our watchwords but our political outlook as well; it is why we do what we do.  We don’t care if our elected leaders have been in office for a year, two years, or 25 years.  In the private sector, you have to prove yourself everyday […]

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BlogAdvice of the Day: Glenn Reynolds

by Skip May 27, 2013

“Since we’ve seen that the government can take a 2.3 percent cut without anybody noticing, why not go for a 5% across-the-board cut next year?” (H/T: Instapundit) Given the rise in spending by Government since Obama took office, yes, a 5% cut probably would show up as much as this sequestration did to the ordinary […]

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Kevin Sorbo again! Smart actors vs. low-information statists…

by Tim Condon March 6, 2013

Well, well! There’s a hostile remark to my blog post the other day about Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo (a rare movie star who isn’t an economic and political ignoramus). See, I said Sorbo was spot-on when he observed that “everything government touches they destroy” (you can see that blog post HERE; his observation about harmful and pernicious […]

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An Essay: What is “Constitutional”? Who decides?

by Tim Condon February 2, 2013

Yesterday I cited an 1886 Supreme Court decision that ruled that unconstitutional actions or statutes are…inoperative, and of no effect (see it HERE). My long-time buddy and fellow lawyer—I’ll call him Larry—sent me a friendly warning about that post, as follows:

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HB 1403 Is Good Law For The International Baccalaureate Program

by Rick Olson May 1, 2012

“You know your in the IB if your school has this traffic sign posted in the parking lot: Caution: Kids might throw themselves in front of your car.”—Unknown Jeffrey Beard, director general of the International Baccalaureate Organization writes today in our own local Union Leader. Mr. Beard extols IB virtues and advocates for schools to adopt […]

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Notable Quote – US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

by Skip January 19, 2012

“I believe in compromise when both parties have similar goals in mind, but today, the goals of the Democratic and Republican parties are at polar opposites. On one hand, you have a party pushing for more dependence and collectivist, big-government policies, and on the other hand, you have a party that wants more freedom and […]

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Prepare For The Barakaclypse

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2011

Every one of these was or is a left wing campaign to make leftist dogma look like centrist mantra. They exist to streamline progressive/socialsit thought into mainstream thinking. But they failed and so the latter iterations have become more destructive. Each “movement” has gotten progressively more unruly, progressively more violent.

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Do You Beleive In Warrenism?

by Steve MacDonald October 29, 2011

…nothing exists in government (including public sector paychecks, roads, bridges, or US Senatorial lifestyles for those wishing to aspire to them) unless someone else first earns something or creates something that they are willing to exchange for something done by government.

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Our Idiot Brother

by Steve MacDonald October 18, 2011

It’s not as though Goldman Sachs or Chrysler can tax Americans. Only government can do that. Only government can bail out private interests with public funds.

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Eat The Rich

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2011

If we ‘eat the rich’ we get one meal, after which there is nothing left to eat. Without any wealth creators to tax the bloated government either starves to death or it looks for other prey. The ignorant statists are clearly not smart enough to know who is next in line, or forward thinking enough to know just how short that line is until the government gets to them.

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