State of the Union

BlogHeadline of the Day: this is what you will hear at Obama’s SOTU speech tomorrow night

by Skip January 19, 2015

“In the face of irrelevance, Obama buys attention with other people’s money” (H/T:  Washington Examiner via Betsy’s Page) Alternate title: “State of the Union is taxes” In other words, now that the election is passed, Obama is about to prove Romney’s 47% remark to be true.  Oh yes, just like the #WarOnWomen and the gender […]

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Tweets / Observations / Snark from watching Obama’s 5th small ball State of the Union

by Skip January 28, 2014

You know, it’s been while since being on Twitter – good tool for times like this.  And a good workout for the fingers (which are pooped!).  A couple I need to follow up on for fun and adventure:  #GROK #SOTU #NHPOLITICS Yes, I am ready to rumbleeeeeee! What’s the over / under on the number […]

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Rand Paul’s Response to Obama’s State of The Union Address

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

Yes, I have always liked Rand Paul, in case you were curious, and he is my kind of Republican…so in keeping with that, here you go; Rand Paul’s response c/o the Tea Party (though not necessarily as the Tea Party) to El Presidente’ Obama’s State of Delusion the Union Speech.

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Status of the Union – a very sorry affair

by Skip February 12, 2013

I tweeted during the whole thing and I’ll put them up later on.  In quickly reviewing them, I think this one sums up the speech the best: There’s NOTHING that the Federal Government can’t do – and nothing that Obama won’t refuse to have it grab. #GROK #TCOT #NHPOLITICS #SOTU But you all knew that […]

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Obama Has His Stage Props – We Have Stage Presence: Ted Nugent At SOTU

by Mike February 12, 2013

Fed up with the blatant overuse of children and ‘victims’ as stage props at Obama speeches, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas decided to bring in a genuine American Treasure with real stage presence – Ted Nugent. Congressman, we salute you, and we’ll be watching for updates.

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USA Today has nothing on Dr. Leonard Hofstader

by Susan Olsen February 12, 2013

The fish wrappers at USA Today asked “users on social media for one word that best describes the state of our union and compiled more than a hundred responses into a graphic.’ Hofstader asked ‘What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?’ Though […]

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