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420 Protesters Troll Gun Grabbers in Concord, New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2018

The Libertarians recently had the pleasure of sharing “protesting space” with Teacher’s Union organizers at the New Hampshire State House. The Big Money Union shindig was a shill for the Democrat-Socialist gun-grabbing narrative. The 420 folks were there to smoke weed and punk the Union hacks whose solution to just about everything is more government […]

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Teachers Plan Rally in Concord to Discuss the Terms for Your Surrender

by Steve MacDonald April 3, 2018

The NEA is planning a rally in Concord later this month. Kimberly Morin joins me to discuss their terms for surrender, a few contradictions, and some interesting side-lines about the day of the planned event. Follow this Podcast on iTunes

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Chris Sununu Files For Governor

by Mike June 13, 2016

Last Wednesday, your Grok was on site at the State House to capture the filing of Executive Councillor and now gubernatorial candidate, Chris Sununu. An abundance of family, friends, supporters, and press were on hand, too. During the filing, son Leo made sure the paperwork was correct and also kept a close eye on proceedings […]

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Jim Lawrence Files For Congress, CD2

by Mike June 13, 2016

Wednesday, your Grok was on site at the State House to capture the filing of former state rep, (and 2014 CD2 candidate) Jim Lawrence. An abundance of family, friends, and press were on hand, too. Note where Bill Gardner says “Welcome back!” and also note, in part 2, the obligatory main stream media question “will […]

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Terie Norelli Could Have Remodeled Another State House Bathroom For That Kind Of Money

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2014
Thumbnail image for Terie Norelli Could Have Remodeled Another State House Bathroom For That Kind Of Money

The New Hampshire State House will soon be able to take the “people’s business” out a whole new door.  A door that will cost $79,000.00.  Democrat Terie Norelli could remodel a state house bathroom for that kind of money. The decision to spend 79K$ on a door, whether or not based on sound reasoning or […]

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Rally In Support of Medicaid Expansion in NH – Where Is Everyone?

by Steve MacDonald August 28, 2013

Minnesota based Granite State Progress got a permit to hold a rally yesterday at 11am out in front of the New Hampshire state house.   The purpose of the rally was to show support for Medicaid expansion in the Granite State. Yesterday was the public hearing on the issue ( which I wrote about here).  […]

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Democrat Lead New Hampshire House Rules Committee Votes to Ban Guns

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2012

The New Hampshire House Rules committee, now run by Democrats, voted 6-4 yesterday to ban guns from the House portions of the State house.  The measure will now go to the House floor for a vote where it will see some discussion, after which–I predict–it will pass. Side Note: This, despite the failure of any […]

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Armed People Present? More Safety for All.

by Tim Condon July 21, 2012

In the wake of the mass murder tragedy at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater yesterday—and the immediate effort of the Mainstream Media to link it to the Tea Party movement—it is worth remembering that More Guns Means Less Crime. For instance, when a would-be mass murderer shot his way into a packed church in Colorado […]

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Today’s historic vote on CACR-12: A message for wavering Republicans….

by Tim Condon June 6, 2012

I haa an animated discussion early today with several members of the State House of Representatives. They will be called upon to vote for or against the awful CACR-12 proposed state constitutional amendment. CACR-12 will essentially do the bidding of the five policy activists in black robes on the state supreme court. But they are […]

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Second Amendment humor, courtesy of the Concord Monitor!

by Tim Condon May 10, 2012

This is so funny!  What appears below is a column from today’s New Hampshire government-newspaper, the Concord Monitor. I glanced at the top of the top of the column and though “Hey, great! My friend—the excellent Rep. JR Hoell—has written an interesting piece about 2nd Amendment concealed carry for everyone!” So I happily read the […]

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Is the Liberty-&-Freedom wing of the NH GOP a paper tiger?

by Tim Condon April 18, 2012

Not really…but they sure as hell were AWOL at the New Hampshire GOP State Committee meeting on April 14, 2012. As the meeting opened, there were 366 members reported present. The big election battle was for National Committeewoman between Rep. Pam Tucker and Juliana Bergeron. Pam Tucker was the Liberty-&-Freedom (aka Tea Party) candidate, while […]

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The latest RLCNH Report shows great legislative strides within reach in Concord

by Tim Condon March 13, 2012

  The latest RLCNH Report is out. It shows that New Hampshire is in many ways leading the entire United States in rejecting the “Blue State” European-socialist model. Just look at some of the issues being voted upon by the State House of Representatives this week, starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) in regular session: […]

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Here’s the latest RLCNH Report on the State Legislative Session

by Tim Condon March 6, 2012

  RLCNH REPORT for March 6, 2012: TOP ACTION ITEMS Expose TSA Abuses HB 628-FN would allow citizens to report to a police officer on the scene or the county sheriff any invasive search by TSA agents, and that report will be sent to a designated directory for public viewing with the state police. This bill […]

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Good stuff: The RLCNH Report for the week of January 9

by Tim Condon January 10, 2012

Hot off the presses: This week’s RLCNH Report features a long list of bills that the legislature did not vote on last week, plus a calendar full of House committee hearings. Top action items for the week include: HB 574 to restore property rights during a time of emergency HB 1382 to allow parents to […]

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Who Missed The Vote? [updated]

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2011

Someone asked…who didn’t vote on HB1 and HB2. Who are these reps anyway? OK, we’re here to deliver. HB 1 here, HB 2 on the jump!

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Picture of the Day 3-29-11

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2011
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Take the Poll!!Would You Let Your 4th Grader…

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2011

…go to the State House now that it is not a gun free zone? Hell yes! (or my 5th grader, or 8th Grader or 9th Grader…..) The Londonderry News has a poll on their front page, about half way down on the right side.  Go.  Take it.  Make their server crash with your votes!

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A Compromise?

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2011

There is a very touching bit of sympathy-searching in the Union Leader’s My Turn editorial today. Eric Merklin, husband of State House Rep Tara Sad (D-Walpole) cranks up the left wing template on state house violence and goes fishing.

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Show Your Support For HB 89 -To Challenge Obamacare

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2011

Rep. Al Baldasaro’s committee, the Committee on State and Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs, is going to be holding a subcommittee hearing tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Room 203 of the Legislative Office Building for HB89,

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Repeal The “Evergreed” Law

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2011

The Evergreed law screws taxpayers. It gives automatic wage and benefit increases based on the last approved contract removing any incentive on the part of the unions to negotiate in good faith with a town or city unless it thinks or knows it can do better than the contract it already has.

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Liberals Should Listen To Michael Ellenbecker

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2011

Per Skips post a few inches down the scroll… I will not enter our people’s house until this abhorrent policy is changed. I urge all of my fellow citizens to do the same. MICHAEL ELLENBECKERConcord Mike can spend that time watching the Oprah Winfrey Network with his fellow (progressive) citizens. I’m good with that.

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