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Julianna Bergeron’s ‘Republican’ Unity Test

by Steve MacDonald December 16, 2014
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Rumor has it that Republican National Committee-woman Julianna Bergeron has set a purity test for state committee party members in her County (and presumably the whole state).  The test is simple.  If you didn’t vote the entire Republican ticket, you should not serve on the NHGOP state committee.   She did not mean if you voted […]

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Tom Brady (Not that one) Can’t Be On The NH-GOP State Committee

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2012

Actually, the other Tom Brady can’t be  an NH-GOP voting Committee member either but let us not get distracted. NH-GOP Bylaws, Article 1, section 4A: A.  Any registered Republican who, at the same time joins or allows his or her name to be used in support of a political committee or a defined group of […]

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