Star Parker

Notable Quote – Star Parker

by Skip November 5, 2017

(video after the jump) I implore you to please consider my above testimony on behalf of the innocent life growing in the womb, and the vulnerable men and women considering an abortion. But if you will also consider in your deliberations regarding H.R.490 the last time in American history that we were faced with hard […]

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Star Parker on the Alt-Right and Alt-Left, First Amendment, the LGBT flag, and Nancy Pelosi

by Skip August 16, 2017

Several ideas, several positions all wrapped into a single video by Star Parker (a black conservative women) who doesn’t care who she ticks off. (H/T: IJR)

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Star Parker Lights Up The NHFRW Lilac Luncheon (May 20th)

by Mike May 26, 2013

  Monday May 20th 2013: The annual gathering of all the New Hampshire Federations of Republican Women for their “Lilac Luncheon”, this year featuring conservative activist, author, and former congressional candidate, Star Parker. Parker’s organization, Center for Urban Renewal and Education, is dedicated to teaching poor, mostly minority, welfare dependents that there is a better […]

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The Democrats’ Gun Control Racism

by Tim Condon March 8, 2013

Star Parker: “Taking guns from the law-abiding many puts too much power in the hands of an ill-intentioned few.” Democrats seem to fear and hate the individual right to self-defense, always supporting so-called “gun control.” Historically, it was Democrats who imposed “gun control” in the post-Civil War South to disarm blacks in the face of Jim […]

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Gun Registration Laws Are Racist – Kenn Blanchard

by Mike February 26, 2013

Another video clip from Star Parker’s C.U.R.E, illustrating the long history of racism and the racist effects of strict gun registration. This Clip Features talk show host and gun enthusiast, Kenn Blanchard. Picture H/T Joe (The Plumber) Wurzelbacher, who wrote a piece on gun control, here. If the video does not display, see it on […]

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Dr Ben Carson Of C.U.R.E Tells Obama America Is Great And Obamacare Is Not

by Mike February 7, 2013

If the player doesn’t appear, click here. Video H/T Star Parker of C.U.R.E (Center for Urban Renewal and Education), where Dr Carson is a board member. C.U.R.E. is dedicated to teaching urban minorities how to get off welfare and become self reliant. Dr Carson praised the greatness of America and its foundation of personal responsibility […]

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