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Doctor Who Shot Spree Killer Gets His Job Back

by Steve MacDonald July 27, 2014
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Dr. Silverman stopped a spree killer by choosing to exercise his second amendment rights, despite a Delaware County hospital campus policy prohibiting firearms.  Dr. Silverman shot Richard Plotts after Plotts chose the victim zone and opened fire, killing a case worker.  Plotts just assumed he would have a force monopoly.  Turns out he was wrong. Silverman, […]

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Cop Killing LA Spree Shooter Is Big Fan of Obama, Biden, MSM, Piers Morgan and More…

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2013

Yesterday we reported that Floyd Corkins, a gay rights activist, was motivated to kill by the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center. Today we get to meet Chris Dorner, former LA cop (fired in 2009), murderer, cop killer, (and now mass murderer/spree killer)…who also happens to be a big fan of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary […]

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