It’s A Spine, Mr Boehner

by Mike January 7, 2015

In spite of Boehner’s failures to stand up to Obama’s agenda, all but a brave 25 supported him for Speaker yesterday. The base is disgusted – perhaps we should encourage all of them to send our “Republican Repair Kit” to Boehner? Here are the names of the few, the brave who voted “NO”: 1. Rep. […]

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Mark Levin: We need a new Republican party… new leaders

by Scott Morales February 15, 2014
Thumbnail image for Mark Levin: We need a new Republican party… new leaders

I’m comforted and encouraged to know that Mark Levin also shares my outrage and concern about the Orange One’s lack of spine, brain and principled compass. He’s calling it just as I have. I love that guy, can’t listen to him as much as I’d like, but he did appear on Cavuto’s show yesterday.  Below […]

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The Discovery Channel isn’t going to help with the McNugent meal anymore

by Skip December 20, 2012

Yes, Steve’s passing thought was a new item on the Mickey D’s menu, supplied by uber-rocker and hunter, Ted Nugent: Introducing the Ten Piece McNugent. Made from the freshest venison, elk, caribou, mountain lion, wild turkey, or any number of other beasts.  There’s really no way to know.  The only guarantee we can give you […]

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