Spending cuts

Why We Need Adults In The NH House
(Or Send For Bill O’Brien!)

by Mike October 13, 2014

Even with John Lynch in the corner office, a sensible conservative legislature was able to balance the budget and set aside a little surplus – see the O’Brien years above. On the other hand, Maggie Hassan has blown through any reserves she inherited, and has encouraged her state agencies to request massive spending increases for […]

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The magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire

by Tim Condon February 14, 2013

I have written and spoken in the past that because of the Free State Project, “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States.” (State Rep. Cynthia Chase—a statist transplant from statist Rhode Island—recently reinforced that view with her public outburst that “Free Staters are the single biggest threat New Hampshire […]

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No Debt Ceiling Increase without Cut, Cap, and Balance

by Don July 26, 2011

Neither President Obama nor Speaker Boehner tell the full debt story. They try to scare us by saying that if the debt ceiling is not raised, our credit rating might be lowered. But President Obama’s plans to increase our debt by at least $1 trillion annually for the foreseeable future is a bigger and definite threat to our credit rating. Our already significant interest payments won’t be affordable. China and credit rating companies warn us that we are creating too much debt. It is just a matter of time before our huge, growing debt to cause our credit rating to fall.

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Maybe the House Got the Message

by Don June 3, 2011

Despite alarmist claims about not raising the debt ceiling, the Secretary of the Treasury can dispense its approximately $2 trillion revenues on a priority basis. Our country need not default on our debt or fail to pay the military, seniors, the poor, or other critical obligations UNLESS OBAMA’s administration CHOOSES NOT TO MAKE THOSE PAYMENTS.

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Two Congressmen And A Free Throw

by Steve MacDonald February 28, 2011

The US House just finished it’s work on HR1, cleaning up after democrats who in 2010 abrogated yet another constitutional obligation when they refused to write the budget they wanted.

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