by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2013
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Staphylococcus at NH Journal?

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2013

NH Journal appears to have developed the flesh eating variety of the “staph” infection, and it looks serious.  It has already claimed someone’s balls. The castrated scribbler in question–see also “Staff Reporter”–has written a nifty little attack piece in which they observed that Jack Kimball had endorsed Andrew Hemingway for NH-GOP Chairman. The endorsement is […]

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NH Journal – What They Have in Common With Liberals

by Steve MacDonald December 20, 2012

The only person besides Shawn Millerick of NHJournal to try and hang the misogynist, sexist tag on me is Harrell Kirstein.  When Harrell tried it he was the communications Zombie for the New Hampshire Democrat party. You know what else Millerick has in common with Democrats?

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NHJournal – Maybe I jumped the Gun On the Importance of Spelling…

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2012

I may have been a bit premature when I titled my first Blog “NHJournal – Where Spelling Is More Important Than Integrity.” Just for a refresher, Shawn Millerick thought it would be funny to point out how I left a letter out of his first name and misspelled Pat Hynes last name (My spell checker […]

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