Speaker John Boehner

And they can’t kick Ted Cruz around over this: Congress headed for potential shutdown as GOP admits spending bills stalled

by Skip July 25, 2015

Yup.  The Republican Leadership really has but one job to do – pass the bills that fund and direct spending of the Federal Government.  Not even this can they do right, it seems.  One job to do – and with majorities in both parts of Congress, what’s their excuse (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Congress won’t get its […]

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DaTechGuy – revisionism out of DC? Or are you are making us not care?

by Skip December 13, 2013

DaTechGuy has good advice (emphasis mine, reformatted) for the Speaker of the House, given his outburst about Conservatives.  But guess what? The reason you have a majority to be speaker , are invited to Sunday shows and have your press conferences covered is because of the Tea Party that mobilized to elect that GOP majority.  […]

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