Speaker Bill O’Brien

NH GOP Elected Politicians – Trust? We don’t need to build Trust. What a quaint idea you have!

by Skip May 14, 2018

And then some high up GOPe-er rants about “We need to reverse the trend of voters preferring Democrats over Republicans“? Sorry, I’ve already digressed; that will be another series of posts. But keep it in mind as you read the following. And they wonder why I added the word “Snarl” to my blogging vocabulary because […]

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CNHT Annual Picnic – Former NH Speaker Bill O’Brien

by Skip July 8, 2014

As Steve has the audio of our interview with Speaker Bill O’Brien, please know that he also spoke from the speakers’ podium.  First, if you have the need to know. Thus, with no further ado: The Democrats have demonized him because he actually stood up for and have the results that he believes in smaller, limited […]

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Honoring Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone – Part 5

by Skip October 21, 2012

The list of luminaries that came to the Aviation Museum in Londonderry, NH (on the grounds of the Manchester-Boston Area Airport) to pay their respect to Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone continued.  Here are the videos of NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien, Harvey Levine (who co-founded VictoryNH with the Ambassador) and NH GOP […]

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Armed People Present? More Safety for All.

by Tim Condon July 21, 2012

In the wake of the mass murder tragedy at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater yesterday—and the immediate effort of the Mainstream Media to link it to the Tea Party movement—it is worth remembering that More Guns Means Less Crime. For instance, when a would-be mass murderer shot his way into a packed church in Colorado […]

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GrokTV Special Interviews – CNHT in review – The “Micros” edition!

by Skip July 12, 2012

Man, am I stacked up on video – apologies for not getting this up earlier from the CNHT Annual Picnic.  While Grokster Steve manned our setup and watched over the live stream and the recording cameras, I snuck out a few times to get a few “micro-interviews”.  So, here they are:    Kevin Smith (Candidate, […]

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GrokTV Event – CNHT in review – Speaker of the NH House, Bill O’Brien

by Skip July 9, 2012

And we come to the end of the speakers at the CNHT Annual Picnic (“Old Home Day for Conservatives!”).  Fittingly enough (although he spoke early in the agenda),  we have the Speaker of the NH House of Representatives, Bill O’Brien: The speech transcript:  Coalition of NH Taxpayers – July 7, 2012 “Will we continue to […]

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Guest Post by Phyllis Woods – Preserving Traditional Marriage

by Skip February 11, 2012

  This past Tuesday, several hundred supporters of traditional marriage assembled at the State Capital in support of HB 437.    NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien spoke in favor of the bill  and candidate for NH Governor Ovide Lamontagne were also present.  In support of the rally, Phyllis spoke at the rally; her remarks […]

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Order Your Susan Emerson Commemorative Boo Hoo Towels Today!

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2012

The RINO from Rindge, House GOP 69 percenter Susan Emerson, has sponsored a bill to stop bullying in the State legislature.  No.  I am not. Kidding. The Union Leader reports that HB 1533.. “….would allow the Attorney General’s Office to investigate allegations of bullying in the Legislature, rather than current rules that allow such allegations […]

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GrokTALK! Special Interview – James O’Keefe of Project Veritas

by Skip January 13, 2012

Earlier this evening, I had the opportunity to talk with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas concerning the NH First In The Nation Voter Fraud video that has gone viral in the blogosphere and has ignited a firestorm of commentary and angst here in NH (and of course, we have commented upon it all starting here […]

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