Solar Sucks

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2015
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From The Taxpayer Protection Alliance (TPA), a study out on solar subsidies: “Filling the Solar Sinkhole: Billions of Bucks Have Delivered Too Little Bang.” In spite of government’s best efforts to encourage innovation by solar energy companies and encourage Americans to rely more heavily on solar electricity, solar power continues to be a losing proposition. […]

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Of course Julia Griffin loves this program – who wouldn’t when other people are paying for it??

by Skip February 9, 2015

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And yes, when Government legislates that YOU will give to SOMEONE ELSE your money, of course they’ll be happy!  But is it FAIR that a few benefit from the many?   Instead of paying for something themselves?  Why should Government be creating […]

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Democrats “Respecting An Establishment of Religion” Sun God Edition

by Steve MacDonald November 10, 2014
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One of the richest companies on the planet (Google) along with well heeled left-wing opportunists posing as an energy concern, wanted to build a bad idea but couldn’t get anyone else to help pay for it.  So they ask Democrats in the department of energy for money–post Solyndra etc., Democrats in California–always willing to make […]

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Renewable Energy Protesters Suffer Erectile Dysfuncion

by Steve MacDonald October 14, 2014
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Environmental protesters showed up outside the office of a Wisconsin power company (Madison Gas & Electric- MG&E) to protest the offense of energy made possible by cheap and abundant resources.  They were demanding that the power company mix in more wind and solar because keeping rates that low would disincentivize customers from considering more expensive […]

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Jaffrey NH Wants $2.6 Million Grant to Save $1.5 Million (over 20 years)

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2014
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You know government is ‘working’ when rate payers and municipalities have to pay higher rates for electricity to fund projects like this. The Town of Jaffrey wants to put a solar farm on their landfill.  That sounds like an excellent idea.  Wasted space put to some good use.  Too bad the ‘experts’ in the government […]

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GrokTALK! April 15th, 2014 Photo ID, Green Energy Bird BBQ, Bundy Ranch, and The Growing Train of Abuses

by Steve MacDonald April 13, 2014
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Skip, Mike, and Steve talk about New Hampshire’s same day registration problem, Bill Clinton’s Photo ID epiphany, Getting strung up on a cactus at the Bundy Ranch –  see also “growing weary of the long train of abuses,” a bit of wind and solar BBQ, “another one bites the dust”– or the strange effect that […]

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Data Point – the cost of Renewable Energy

by Skip July 30, 2013

An abstraction from the Wall Street Journal (via Junk Science): Wind and solar make up 3.5% of America’s electrical generation Denmark gets 30% of its electrical generation from wind Germany gets 12% of its electrical generation from wind and solar Germany has used used $250 Billion to deploy to 12% By 2020: Denmark wishes to […]

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Bad News For Obamamobiles

by Steve MacDonald July 12, 2013

One of the best things about ignoring all the hype and just using common sense is when you are proven right.  The only thing better than that is when the Kool-aid® drinkers start to realize that you were right as well.  What the heck am I talking about?  Electric cars. For close to five years, […]

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Data Point – Federal Subsidies for electric power

by Skip December 10, 2012

    Yes, the enviros can complain that coal gets more of a subsidy than solar; true enough.  Add the subsidies for the top 4 items vs the renewables?  No contest – fossil fuels get $4.557 billion while renewables get $5.954 Billion.  In the end, however, is what is the bang for the buck.  It […]

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Which Utopian Democrat Dream-Scam Is Failing Faster?

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2012

Which Utopian dystopian Democrat dream-Scam is failing faster? In Cah-Lee-Four-Knee-Ah the Workers paradise is collapsing at an ever increasing rate as the anchor of unsustainable public union contracts and pensions drag otherwise average, every-day, incompetently run, but barely sustainable left wing bureaucrapalities (bureaucratically strangled municipalities run by an endless string of administrators and political descendents […]

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WH Knew Before Solyndra Workers Flew…

by Steve MacDonald January 16, 2012

The Solyndra Scam continues to develop and Hot Air has the dropon the latest document dump from the White House.  That’s Ed Morrissey’s headline up there.  And this is all just another political cover up courtesy of the Democrat party. The Obama administration pressured Solyndra to keep quiet about impending layoffs until after the November […]

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