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Canadian Healthcare being super-duper? Realistically, more of a pooper

by Skip February 17, 2017

That’s all we’ve heard since Obamacare started the wind up to become legislation: “look at Canada’s medical system – it’s socialized!”.  Nitwits all – they kept on ignoring the more than anecdotal evidence that many Canadians came here for care (including a government Minister who took advantage of our cardiac expertise).  Thus, I’m not surprised […]

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Venezuela’s Socialism Payment Coming Due

by Scott Morales May 16, 2016

Ahh, socialism. It is indeed wondrous in its ability to demolish prosperity. It’s like a giant syringe stuck into the heart of a society with it’s plunger extracting slowly, drawing all the beating life from the organ until it’s a deflated shriveled husk resembling more a scabrous raisin than any life giving organ. For today’s […]

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Oh Bernie? I think the Healthcare narrative is changing under your feet!

by Skip February 26, 2016

Bernie would be Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Communist in Democrat wolf’s fur.  He of the “everything’s FREE in America” bent – until the bill comes due.  Given that he’s appealing to the economic and history idiots in the country, he’s gained a lot of traction especially when he wants a single payer healthcare system here […]

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GrokTALK! 5/17/2014 – The Videos

by Skip May 17, 2014
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GrokTALK! for the week of May 17, 2014: Short Pre-Show Segment 1 – our usual Grokster ADD blogger bunch discussions Segment 2 – Pete “DaTechGuy” Ingemi comes on to talk about the Black Mass that was supposed to have been held at the former Christian seminary, Harvard University Segment 3 – NH State Rep Jane […]

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World Health Organization wants Bigger Governments

by Don January 11, 2014

It should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians and bureaucrats want to increase their power and the amount of money they can control.  These are the true purposes of the World Health Organization’s ranking of nation’s healthcare systems. When people hear complaints about the US healthcare system based on the World Health Organization (WHO) rankings, they […]

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Milton Freidman – Socialized Medicine

by Steve MacDonald December 15, 2013

Can you feel the ‘unsettling dynamics’ at work? Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman explores the unsettling dynamics set into motion when government imposes itself into the health care system. (1978)

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For US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH-Progressive), it has always been about getting to “single payer”

by Skip November 1, 2013

Steve’s post (“NH US Senator Jeanne Shaheen Was For It Before She Was Against It”) outlines her absolute perfidity: she talks the talk in “supporting the Middle Class” with her grandmotherly words, but in each and every action and vote she shows her disdain for the same set of folks.   All that is important […]

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The Sun Rises, Water is Wet, and NH’s Medicaid Commission Signs Off on Expansion

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2013
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Everyone loves a good show but the decision of New Hampshire’s Kangaroo Court medicaid Expansion Commission, tasked with determining if the state should take the Federal bait and make Medicaid bigger, was always a foregone conclusion. State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, D-Nashua, credited the nine-person panel with staying focused on the task at hand. “Even though […]

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“Squirrels!” Best Mind Your Nuts!

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2013

Last week we observed that the more train-wrecked-liberal places like California were already preparing for doctor shortages.  Medical Doctors are leaving the profession because of growing government interference and the looming price and cost pressures of Obama-Care. The Progressive State’s solution?  Redefine what “Doctor” means until all your oars are manned.  (Perhaps a more apt metaphor would be having enough hands […]

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Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is also doomed.

by Tim Condon July 1, 2012

This from Holman Jenkins, Jr. in The Wall Street Journal recently: “The mandate’s survival could actually be a convenience to those who remain seriously interested in fixing health care….Reality could not have instructed President Obama more plainly: The last thing we needed, in a country staggering under deficits and debt, a sluggish economy and an unaffordable […]

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“Throwing grandma off the cliff”? Again? Yep….

by Tim Condon June 6, 2012

Except this time it’s not a Democrat talking-point lie. It’s real.

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